Dear Democrats You Did this to Yourselves

He was free, then. It had all be brought out into the open, and he had gotten by with it. This seems to have had a liberating effect on Chase’s activities

Bill James The Bill James Baseball Abstract 1985 pp 332

As we watch Mary Landrieu become that last southern white Democrat holding national office it behooves me to remind a county that has seemingly belatedly figured it out of something.

We told you so.

Back when Barack Obama first ran we noted that he was an empty suit that really didn’t  stand for anything, you backed him.

Back when Obamacare was proposed and we noted that if it was as good for the party and as popular as people were saying it would have passed quick..It didn’t

When Scott Brown managed to win in Massachusetts based solely on Obamacare you pushed through the old bill regardless.

When the First Big Red Wave Struck you wrote it off as anger issues, it wasn’t.

When the GOP picked the weakest candidate in their field (well next to Jon Huntsman) and even with the media assist and you only regained 8 of the 64 seats in the house and 2 senate seats of the Six seats lost in the 2010 wave you pretended the public was delighted with you…they weren’t.

And now that two years later you’ve not only lost all your 2012 gains in the house and the GOP has an even bigger majority than they did after 2010 and control of the senate by more seats than you won in 2014   NOW you Tom Harkin and You Chuck Schumer, you who were both the 60th vote to pass obamacare and defended a president now complain that the signature achievement of the Obama years was a mistake?

Bottom line you can scream about the south all you want but if the left wants to know why their party is in trouble they should look in the mirror.

I’ll give Ed Driscoll the last word:

remind me again why voters should elect politicians from a party whose northeast bosses and media operatives loathe them with such palpable contempt?

When you spit it people’s eye they tend to dislike you.