More than twenty years ago, Mr. Rodney King was brutally accosted by the Los Angeles, California police department; at the height of the mayhem that ensued in the city of Los Angeles after this incident, Mr. King asked the following question during a hastily crafted press conference:

“Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

This journalist believes that the answer to Rodney King’s question is a resounding yes, but first we must attempt to come to grips with the origin and nature of “evil.”

The use of the word “evil” alone is enough to cause great apoplexy among certain groups of people – most notably “ethical relativists” who do not believe that there is at least one universal truth principle that can be embraced by all people and at all times.

In Judeo-Christian parlance, the word evil – to quote Saint Augustine – is the complete absence of good; it is the absence of GOD’S Goodness.

Last week, some of my readers suggested that I may have to clarify some terms as this series on the nature of “evil” and “injustice” continues.

I want to thank the readers of my blog who brought this to my attention.

Some of the words that I used last week were terms such as “ethical relativism,” “philosophical naturalism,” and “secular naturalism,” and a “Judeo-Christian worldview.

When we talk of ethical relativism we are talking about a way in which we engage in discussions about ethics and values.

When one refers to what one “ought to do” or “should do,” then one is employing moral or judgments of how we should live together and make decisions together as a nation and individually.

Secondly, philosophical naturalism refers to an outlook of life that states that there is no GOD and if there is a being that one could call GOD then this being is impersonal and a part of the visible universe (not independent of the universe).

If a person embraces “philosophical naturalism,” then in reality they are embracing either atheism (the belief that there is no GOD) or agnosticism (the belief that one lives in a state of “unknowing” with regards to whether or not GOD does or does not exist).

A Judeo-Christian worldview is an outlook and perspective on life that is based squarely upon the teaching of the Hebrew Bible (Mosaic Law, the writings of the Prophets, and the books of Hebrew Poetry) and upon the person, work, and teaching of JESUS CHRIST as revealed in the New Testament.

The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20 & Deuteronomy 5) along with The Sermon On The Mount (Matthew chapters 5-7) form the basis of what we call our Judeo-Christian value system.

From 1607 to the early 1930s much of the America during both the Colonial period and during the formative period of The United States of America operated under a Judeo-Christian outlook or worldview.

Why are these terms so important?

Because a person’s eternal destiny is at stake with regards to how he or she either believes or does not believe in the GOD of the Hebrew and Christian Bible!

Our Jewish friends still await the coming of The Messiah while Christians like myself believe that The Messiah has already come in the Person of JESUS CHRIST.

If philosophical naturalism (atheism or agnosticism) is true, then this life that we live is all that there is.  

If secular naturalism is true, then all of humanity might as well all “live, eat, and be merry for tomorrow we will all die.”

However, if the GOD of the Bible – to quote the words of the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer – is there and He is Not Silent, then a refusal to embrace both the teachings of the Old and New Testaments and the life and person of JESUS CHRIST and His teachings is not a trivial matter, but a matter of grave and eternal consequence.

An ethical relativist is a person who believes that both “ethics” and “moral principles” change through the course of time and that they fluctuate according to the changes in a culture, social climate, or society.

A person who believes that GOD is eternal, immutable (unchanging), and holy (uniquely different from His / Her creation and perfect in moral purity), will understand that all moral judgments, values, and principles flow from GOD’s unchanging character.

If one accepts a Jude-Christian worldview, then one will observe, view, and see reality in a way that is diametrically and unalterably opposed to an ethical relativist.

There is no middle or compromising ground between these two worldviews; they are mutually exclusive; they cannot peaceably co-exist!

On the eve of World War II, British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill told the British people that the war against Nazi (atheistic and nationalistic in its orientation) Germany and her allies was nothing less than a war to save “Christian Civilization itself!”

The battle against secular (atheistic and agnostic) naturalism is nothing less than a battle for the Judeo-Christian soul of America herself.

Don Corleone: . And if by some chance an honest man like yourself made enemies they would become my enemies. And then, they would fear you.

The Godfather 1072

Do you need a last-minute Christmas gift for someone who is hard to buy for? The North Korean Government has the perfect gift for you!

The Government of North Korea would like to thank the people at Sony & Paramount for making this new source of foreign capital possible.

Incidentally Sony, when murderous bastards try to intimidate you, this is how you respond.

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The opinions of those of us who strongly oppose easing up restrictions on Cuba are dismissed as “an outdated Cold War perspective” (the link I use here is typical but not alone).

The implication is that the Cuban Communist regime has evolved, and we have not.

Let’s take a brief glance at four points of the Cuban Revolution evolution, then.

1. Commitment to the status quo:
Mariela Castro, Raul Castro’s daughter and member of the Cuban parliament, when asked about Obama’s new concessions,

“If the U.S. thinks these changes will bring Cuba back to capitalism and return to being a servile country to the interests of the most powerful financial groups in the U.S., they must be dreaming.”

“I don’t know what my father plans to do. What I can see at least, as a Member of Parliament is that there’s big concerns about how to do things the best way possible to obtain funds for the many problems we are discussing now.”

You can listen to Mariela’s “outdated Cold War perspective” yourself.

2. Persecution:
Political repression in Cuba has quadrupled since 2010 — and 2014 isn’t over yet

As of Nov. 30, there have been at least 8,410 politically motivated arrests in Cuba this year, compared to 6,424 in all of 2013 and more than four times the 2,074 arrests in 2010, according to the Cuban National Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation.

3. Labor conditions:
Cuba is an enslaved society. Those who apparently have evolved beyond “outdated Cold War perspectives” cite China – hugely dependent on slave labor – as a reason why the US should grant Cuba credit (which dozens of countries have granted Cuba and lost money) to purchase American goods.

Yesterday I posted at my blog (emphasis added)

comparisons with China policy fall short on a vital aspect:
I have friends who have operated profitable businesses in China in the past 20 years. Their corporations paid their Chinese employees directly. However, anyone employing Cuban citizens does not pay the employee; they pay the Cuban government a stipulated (by the government) amount per person. The communist regime then pays the employee an amount no higher than the maximum salary (yes, Cuba has maximum salary laws), which is approximately 10% of the amount the communist regime received from the business.

That is the case with any of the hundreds of multinationals that have done business with Cuba in the country, and with the thousands of “doctors” Cuba sends to places like Venezuela and Brazil.

I was mistaken, though (emphasis added):

Cubans working for firms with foreign capital on the island received a bucket of cold water Tuesday when a new resolution published in the official Gazette fixes their salaries at only 8% of what the joint venture or foreign companies must pay the government in hard currency for their services.

The announcement published by Granma daily quotes Vice-minister of Labor and Social Security, Zamira Marín Triana, as saying the new wage involves a “significant increase” for workers.

Additionally, foreign businessmen who have tried to collect monies due by Cuba have been thrown in jail, most recently Alejandro Abood, Cy Tokmakjian, Krikor Bayassalian, Nessin Abadi, Sarkis Yacoubian, and Stephen Purvis.

4. Human rights:
In Wednesday’s speech, Obama stated,

we welcome Cuba’s decision to release a substantial number of prisoners whose cases were directly raised with the Cuban government by my team.

I have been researching for three days trying to find a list of names of the “substantial number of prisoners” who purportedly are to be released, and so far have found none.

Indeed, the Communist regime need not do anything. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta Jacobson:

“I do not necessarily think that we are talking about direct human rights conditionality in the restoration of diplomatic relations part.”

What do Cuban dissident leaders, who are risking their lives, have to say about President Obama’s announcement to normalize relations with Castro’s dictatorship? Read it at Capitol Hill Cubans.

Four items, briefly looked at.

But let’s go full-Cold War on Cuba’s

harboring of U.S.-designated terrorists; subversion of democracy in Venezuela; support of rogue regimes in Syria and Iran; and illegal trafficking of weapons to North Korea

Mary O’Grady has more on the Cuba-Venezuela-Iran nexus.

Just this week, Cuba Leads Opposition to UN Resolutions on Human Rights in Iran, Syria and North Korea.

And how’s this for Cold War deja-vu? Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu declared early this year that Russia is planning to expand its permanent military presence outside its borders by placing military bases in a number of foreign countries, among them Cuba.

“Cold War perspective”? Hell yeah.

Outdated? You decide.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

Just Imagine how history would have been different if Sony & Paramount were in the room when great decisions were being made.

We had better let Saddam keep Kuwait, we don’t want to make trouble.

I’m sorry President Reagan we can’t tell the Soviets to “tear down this wall.” They might get upset.

I’m sorry Mr. Lech Walesa we can’t have a solidarity movement, the Communist Authorities might get angry.

I’m sorry president Kennedy, if we quarantine Cuba over the missiles what will the Russians say.

We’d Better not march on Washington, Doctor King Segregationists might not like it.

I’m sorry Mrs. Parks it’s much took risky for you to try to get that spot in the front of the bus.

We can’t sign Jackie Robinson, Mr Rickey, fans might object.

We had better not say anything about North Korea invading the south, President Truman who knows what might happen?

We can’t give England Lend Lease, resident Roosevelt the Germans might get upset.

You can’t bust those Trusts Teddy? What would big business say

We had better evacuate Fort Sumter Mr. Lincoln, South Carolina might get mad

We’d better evacuate the Alamo Col Travis We don’t want to upset Santa Anna.

President Madison just because the British want to take men off our ships and impress them, we had better not do a thing.

If we Declare independence we could get in trouble we’d better drop it Mr. Jefferson

We’d better not hold that tea Party Mr. Adams, What would England say?

And finally. I’m sorry Jesus I just think going to Jerusalem is going to upset too many important people