For Supremacists and Revolutionaries: You Don’t Want to Get What You Deserve

by baldilocks

In the last few days, I got hassled by white supremacists and a single white leftist on Twitter. (Uncharacteristically, black Leftists tend to leave me alone.)

I tend not to get into arguments on Twitter because they leave me angry, but I did this time and it was a lot of fun! I gained many re-tweetsBaldilocks mini and not a few new followers. And, as I reflect on the two groups—white supremacists and white Leftists, I would almost say that they are two sides of the same coin, but that’s not quite true; white supremacists are more honest. However, both are equal in mendacity and in cowardice. Both sets with which I interacted took my words and twisted them to suit their own agendas. And both are intent on making sure that the group(s) for which they claim to advocate or to be against get what they deserve.


In recent years, that word has begun to rankle. It’s defined as “to be worthy of reward or punishment” and the reason it bothers me is very Christian, in that the only thing we all deserve is (the second) death. We all have to die once, with a few exceptions.

So when anyone talks about what they or another deserves in this earthly realm, it seem silly. One doesn’t even have to pay attention to Christianity to see this. Often do evil people earn/receive lots of money and live in luxury. Often martyred are servants of the Living God.

There’s even a secular saying that acknowledges the stupidity of expecting just, earthly deserts: no good deed goes unpunished.

So, one can imagine what I think about the deserts of those whose ancestors who persecuted or were persecuted by another set of people.

Or the deserts of those whose ancestors were diligent and inventive.

Or the deserts of those who pretend to be the saviors of another group of people, while actually believing that group to be inferior and only fit for cannon fodder for the revolution they are planning.

Or even those who think they deserve something for the wondrous blackness, brownness, pinkness or translucency of their stinking, wormfood hides.

Oh wait. Did I repeat myself?

You deserve nothing, pinheads. Neither do I.

If you were smart, you’d realize this and take your eyes off of “me, me, me,” and turn to the One greater than us all…If you were smart.

Well, miracles do happen. You better hope that one happens to you.

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