You might be used to going to The People’s Cube for comedy but this piece by Oleg Atbashion is both comic and serious:

My generation grew up believing that we were surrounded by deadly imperialist enemies, whose capitalist media, motivated by hatred and money, conducted a planned, centralized, state-sponsored ideological brainwashing of their own populations, in addition to manufacturing anti-Soviet propaganda for distribution inside the USSR.

Years later, it took a lot of effort on my part to dismantle, metaphorically speaking, the intricate system of curved mirrors and screens that had been installed in our heads by the “benevolent” propaganda with our own consent. In our defense, we didn’t know better at the time. What’s this generation’s excuse?

Nobody can nail totalitarians more than a person who once lived under them.

By A.P. Dillon

2015 is here. This is by no means a comprehensive list of happenings in 2014, but here’s a look at a bit of the year behind us and perhaps we can ‘let it go‘.

We saw an airplane vanish.

An outbreak of the Ebola virus ravaged several countries in Western Africa; Sierra Leone garnering the worst of it.  The outbreak continues with 19,497 cases and 7,588 deaths as of December 21st according to the Economist. The death toll is expected to rise.

We saw a comedic genius, Robin Williams, leave us by his own hand and his death became the top Google search in 2014.  2014 was a year we lost a lot of great personalities and talents, including Richard Attenborough, Lauren Becall, James Garner and Eli Wallach. I’ve kept track a bit of these passings and, sadly, many others over at my pet project, The ConMom blog.

Germany won the World Cup.

Moms (and dads, students, grandparents, teachers from all walks of life) across the country declared war on Common Core and the result was over 30 states introducing or considering repeal of the fundamentally flawed and experimental set of standards. Yours truly has been involved in this fight for three years now and over the summer, I joined a hot of others as part of Glenn Beck’s nationwide Common Core event, We Will Not Conform.

We saw Occupy 2.0 (fast food strikes organized by big labor) in full swing.

Then there was Ferguson where a white officer, Darren Wilson, shot and killed an unarmed black man, Michael Brown. As it turned out, the Grand Jury found the officer acted in self-defense and eye-witness accounts seem to back that ruling. Cue the rioting, looting and arson — all in the name of ‘justice’.  For good measure, a school also was attacked by those seeking ‘justice’.

The protests that began in Ferguson continued in multiple states, prompting the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and was followed by the tag #IcantBreathe when the video of the arrest that employed an unsanctioned use of a chokehold which lead to the subsequent death of Eric Garner went viral. Protests in various cities continue and police have become targets of assassination attempts coast to coast.  Two officers in NYC lost their lives after a man shot them execution style allegedly as ‘revenge’ for Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Obamacare’s roll-out was plagued with problems, only to be compounded by architect Jonathan Gruber’s boasting that the American public was lied to and that they were lied to because they are “stupid“.  Katheleen Sebelius ended up resigning over issues tied to the website and roll-out.

US debt continued to climb, but apparently people are too happy about the drop of prices at the pump to really notice.

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas continued to do what the mainstream media can’t or won’t.  So did Dana Loesch.

The NFL became the new centerpiece for the so-called ‘war on women’ crowd, particularly involving the case of Ray Rice.  The NFL’s Washington Redskins was also on the receiving end of the ‘that’s racist’ crowd’s ire. The FCC didn’t see it their way, but that doesn’t matter because South Park weighed in.

The ‘war on women’ mantra, however, did not play out very well with voters as Republicans swept into power in the US Senate, added to their seats in the US House of Representatives and took over majorities many places on the state level as well. As Hot Air noted, this rejection of the war on women was abundantly apparent in California where Sandra Fluke lost in spectacular fashion.  One of the most expensive races was right in my own state of North Carolina, where Thom Tillis unseated Kay Hagan.

Then there was the Great Campus Rape Hoax.  Add to that pile Lena Dunham and her autobiographical train wreck.

The Flu is running rampant through the states. Unfortunately, my family and I have first-hand experience with it this year. Awful.

Obama continued to rule by Executive Order in 2014.  To date, after 6 years in office he has 198 official executive orders, but you need to factor in his Memoranda list too. George Bush had 223 Executive Order by his sixth year but Obama buries Bush and all other presidents in terms of Memoranda. Obama will likely continue to issue his Executive orders Memoranda after admitting Harry Reid had been running interference for him for the last six years:

“I haven’t used the veto pen very often since I’ve been in office, partly because legislation that I objected to was typically blocked in the Senate,” (Source: LA Times)

Gee, who is the ‘party of no’ now?

Sony was hacked by N. Korea. Or maybe not. Either way, the studio caved to threats and pulled the movie from theaters but then turned around and released it anyway. Wag the Dog, anyone?


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When Erick Erickson said this about Rep. Steve Scalise

By 2002, everybody knew Duke was still the man he had claimed not to be. EVERYBODY. How the hell does somebody show up at a David Duke organized event in 2002 and claim ignorance?

He demonstrated the difference between Democrats & Republicans, or more specifically, the difference between a political party whose base still holds to the Judeo-Christian Belief that certain things like tax evasion are beyond the pale:

Rep. Michael Grimm has decided to resign from Congress in the wake of his guilty plea on a felony tax evasion charge, sources told the Daily News Monday night…

Meanwhile Al Sharpton still has a TV show on MSNBC (Owned by Comcast), and Charlie Rangel still sits in the house of representatives embraced by the media and the Democrat party and their leader the president of the United States.

That is who the Democrats are, that is what the left is, and no amount of spin or “yes but’s” will change it.

Their best hope is an influx of people of faith who will in the long run change their party, But it would take millions of them to suddenly appear & be such a force that they don’t dare abandon them.

But who am I kidding where are the democrats going to find people like that?

Update: And apparently even the Scalise story is iffy:

Kenny Knight, a longtime political adviser to Duke, said Scalise spoke at a meeting of the Jefferson Heights Civic Association — not affiliated with the European-American Unity and Rights conference that was held in the same Metairie hotel — two-and-a-half hours before the white nationalist event started.

Barbara Noble, who was dating Knight and said she attended the meeting, also said Wednesday that Scalise spoke to the civic group, not EURO.

Scalise apologized this week for speaking to the EURO group, although he said he was unaware of the connections or the group’s white supremacy ideology. Scalise has come under fire from some Democratic leaders and others, including calls for him to step down from his leadership position.

I always find it odd when people apologize for things they didn’t do.

Update 2 Quinn Hillyer

I’ve watched Scalise’s whole career since that phone conversation in 1989 – which was even before it was clear Scalise would enter politics. (He had just finished college at LSU, where he was speaker of the student assembly. I was organizing Republican caucuses against Duke’s coming bid for the U.S Senate.) If a whole career spent without racial taint doesn’t earn someone the benefit of the doubt about an event of some confusion and dispute, there’s no hope for any of us.

I’m not the best witness, though. Plenty of black and Jewish leaders from Louisiana, almost all of them liberal, are more convincing. By now, most who have followed this story have seen that liberal, black, Democratic U.S. representative Cedric Richmond of New Orleans immediately sprang to Scalise’s defense, saying his Louisiana colleague “does not have a racist bone in his body.”

All of this is nice to hear but the main point concerning what is tolerated still stands.