The NY MTA can apparently stand a budget cut

NYC has a problem, how do you pay for all that Police overtime to control protesters lately? The money has to come from somewhere so how do you find a department that can spare the funds?

Lucky for the city such a department has graciously self identified by taking the obsession of this silly woman who apparently has no life:

“Manspreading is when men take up too much room on the subway by spreading their legs in a wide V. Like geese traveling,” explained actress Kelley Rae O’Donnell.

O’Donnell has become an anti-manspreading activist, making stopping the spread a personal mission.

And making it a department policy

Kevin Ortiz with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority says it’s an issue customers have noticed, “and for lack of a better word can be an annoyance.”

“This is an issue that we’ve heard from our female customers about in particular,” he added.

So for the first time the MTA is asking men to mind the gap by putting up posters reminding riders to be more considerate of others.

We must conclude that the MTA has solved all of its issues with safety, mechanical problems, personal legal issues and space because apparently they have no better use for the taxpayer funds than to make sure men do not sit with their legs too far apart on a subway.

It is very kind of the NY MTA to self identify for the sake of the city government and I trust New Yorks and particularly the GOP in NY take advantage of this self-identification to push for the government to relieve them of those excess funds to take care of more pressing needs from policing, to housing for the poor, to children’s issues.

It goes without saying that the next time liberals ask for more money for NYC in congress this example should be mentioned to deny said funding.


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