Will the GOP pick this low hanging fruit?

Remember on Tuesday when I said that the GOP needs to make sure the Democrats own the anti-police protesters.

This is why:

Jason Armstrong, 29, was arrested after he entered the Northeastern District station with a loaded .22-caliber pistol, police said.

Police said Armstrong was sent to the Northeastern District station. Officers smelled marijuana on Armstrong, searched him and found a loaded gun, police said. Armstrong told them he had been sent in by the BGF gang to test security, police said.

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts has called the incident alarming. Batts said he is ordering security changes throughout the department and is calling a meeting of other agency chiefs over the next few days.

Before you insist this as a crass political move ask yourself this.

If this was a member of the tea party or a 2nd amendment activist how would the Democrats and their media allies react?

Let’s hope the speaker who was ready to retaliate against those within the party who tried to depose him , has the willingness to hit as hard against those outside the party who wish the same.

If you can’t pick this kind of low hanging fruit you don’t belong in the political arena.


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