The Media Apologists of Islam Sound so Familiar

“Because you’ve had ninety years and haven’t done it!”

Sen Pat McNamara (Michigan) 1957 in reply to Senator Richard Russell (Ga) who asked why Michigan could handle its affairs concerning Civil rights but wasn’t prepared to let Georgia do the same

If you want to understand what the media is doing with Radical Islam & Charlie Hebdo consider this:

Imagine, just for a moment that here in America there was an active terror group and targeted certain people who had different cultural beliefs.

Picture that the members of this group terrorizing hose who violated their cultural and/or religious norms that they followed, further picture them imposing said norms on any who visited and/or retaliating against any locals who allowed said visitors to influence them.

Picture the locals who did not actively participate in said terror to approve and support it socially, culturally and financially.

Now go a bit further and imagine that due to their financial and political strength and the worry about the power that would be needed to defeat it, people in the financial, entertainment and political world, while knowing and understanding what is going on, choose to ignore downplay their actions in order to function in their areas, sell to their supporters or obtain their support for their own power and purposes.

What would we think of the people who perpetrated these actions. What about those who enabled them or profited by them?

Of course even a rudimentary knowledge of US history will make an explicit explanation of this example unnecessary but consider that the same media that self righteously condemns those who in the past enabled this national disgrace, not only are mimicking said enabling in the present but do it while exhibiting that same smug self-righteousness as their ancestors who did the same thing for the same reasons.

In the final hours of the Christmas season I’ll give the last word to St. Stephen who died for pointing out the very same thing:

“You stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears, you always oppose the holy Spirit; you are just like your ancestors.

Which of the prophets did your ancestors not persecute? They put to death those who foretold the coming of the righteous one, whose betrayers and murderers you have now become.

You received the law as transmitted by angels, but you did not observe it.” When they heard this, they were infuriated, and they ground their teeth at him.

they cried out in a loud voice, covered their ears, 4 and rushed upon him together. They threw him out of the city, and began to stone him.

Acts 7:51-54, 57-58a

Some things simply never change.


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