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My first piece for them is titled: The NFL playoffs can teach a lesson about competition and school choice

We are under two weeks away from one of America’s greatest sports spectacles, the Super Bowl, the televised pinnacle of competition in American football. That spirit of competitiveness can tell us something about the importance of school choice.

After the divisional round of the playoffs, four teams out of 32 remain standing- the Patriots and Colts in the AFC, and the Packers and defending champion Seahawks in the NFC.

While people more versed in football can evaluate the probability of each of these teams advancing to the Superbowl and then winning, let’s consider a more interesting set of facts about them:

What does any of this have to do with school choice? Well, you’ll have to click here and read the rest of it to find out.

by baldilocks

Our Secretary of State makes me want to watch DS9 reruns.
Our Secretary of State makes me want to watch DS9 reruns.

There’s only so much crap that you or I can take. The amount may vary from individual to individual, and the individual’s endurance may increase as a person develops spiritually and/or emotionally but the metric feces-load for each person is not infinite. At some point, enough is enough.

Those who have infiltrated our government know this well and, in the last six years, have poured all manner of crap—of horrid-cum-ridiculous actions and inactions over the proverbially head of the American people. This applies both domestically and internationally.

At PJ Media, David Steinberg provides a small amount of the pieces to a really simply puzzle that many of us put together long ago:

Obama wasn’t in Paris [for the million man/world leader protest against Islamic terrorists] for the same reason he hired and refuses to fire Eric Holder; for the same reason he tries to humiliate Netanyahu; for the same reason he apologized for Western civilization in Cairo; for the same reason he presented a “reset button” to a tyrant; for the same reason he helped usher the world’s foundational terror movement into power in Egypt; for the same reason Josh Earnest still — still! — was forbidden to say the word “Islamic terrorism.”

And for the same reason he directed his secretary of state to storm Paris with musician James Taylor in tow–the latter strumming his guitar and singing You’ve Got a Friend–days after other world leaders had left the city. (In fairness to Obama, I think that bringing Taylor was John Kerry’s idea for two reasons: 1) since the 2004 election season, Kerry has displayed a knack for smarm, and 2) since the 2008 election season, Obama has displayed a poor grasp of American culture—as if he had been programmed and the programming was wearing off. I doubt that the president knows who Taylor is.)

At first I thought the Taylor incident was to make American foreign policy and diplomacy look infantile—yet another a big passive-aggressive middle finger to America’s status in the world. But the more I think about it and about Steinberg’s short list, the more I think that the Kerry gesture was just one more signal among hundreds to our enemies foreign and domestic that we are being weakened and that it’s time to come and get it.

That the signals have become more blatant and more stupid is a sign that America’s foreign enemies are still a little afraid of her, as well as an indication that the endurance of the American people is long.

But not infinite.

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Every now and then I see foolishness like this from our friends on the left.

It takes a special type of dishonesty or stupidity to make this argument so for the sake of those who have heard it let me demonstrate how in three steps you can become the greatest deficit hawk in history.

STEP 1: Borrow and spend more than any president in the history of history creating the biggest deficit of all time.

Step 2. In the following year borrow less than that incredible amount.

Step 3: Begin your baseline measurement from that first year when you borrowed all that money

Viola: You can now honestly claim you have cut the deficit and pretend to be fiscally responsible.

Our friends on the left use this type of nonsense because it works with the low info voter who is their base, but I suggest you don’t try this at home, because if you do it will lead to a life dodging collection agencies and eventual bankruptcy.

By now you’ve heard about the I93 debacle in Boston, how a group of “activists” held up traffic for hours, disrupted the lives of thousands of folks, cost millions of dollars in lost wages and wasted time and even messed up ambulance service in the area.

The anger against these fools is almost universal and all kinds of creative names are being used to describe them, but there is one description that should be the first one out of the lips of everyone but for some reason is not.


These people ARE the Democrat base, you will not find a single Romney or even a Charlie Baker voter among them, These are the folks who have been crying “War on Women”, Heteronormative Patriarchy and all that good stuff, and right now they have managed to anger almost the entire voting population of one of the most liberal states in the Union.

Yet where is the Mass GOP pressing State Democrats on these protesters?  Where are the conservative talk show hosts, bloggers et/all calling every single state Democrat senator and rep to comment?

Where are the press releases reminding the now angry voters what side these people are on?  Why aren’t we playing by the Todd Akin rules with these guys forcing them to either upset their base by condemning them or risk the wrath of already angry voters?

Our leftist friends, if the situation was reversed, would already have gone this route. You would not be able to turn on a TV set or radio without hearing about these Republicans endangering motorists etc.

For a party with only 11% percent registration this is the ultimate gimme,  If only they are smart enough to take it.


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