What can the NFL Playoffs teach us about School Choice?

Starting this week I will be an occasional contributor for Watchdog.org.

My first piece for them is titled: The NFL playoffs can teach a lesson about competition and school choice

We are under two weeks away from one of America’s greatest sports spectacles, the Super Bowl, the televised pinnacle of competition in American football. That spirit of competitiveness can tell us something about the importance of school choice.

After the divisional round of the playoffs, four teams out of 32 remain standing- the Patriots and Colts in the AFC, and the Packers and defending champion Seahawks in the NFC.

While people more versed in football can evaluate the probability of each of these teams advancing to the Superbowl and then winning, let’s consider a more interesting set of facts about them:

What does any of this have to do with school choice? Well, you’ll have to click here and read the rest of it to find out.