by baldilocks

When I was growing up, my parents did not look kindly on anyone who would call during the dinner hour—and woe to the perspective suitor that did so! Even now, I don’t make personal calls during the hours from 6PM to 8PM, especially not to my parents.

All these years of brunching and I didn’t know that it was a white thing!

And even during the usual hours for the other two meals, I hesitate to call, unless the person asks me to do so. Civilized families sit down together to eat and it’s rude to interrupt a meal, at least that’s how I was raised. So one can imagine how I feel about this.

For the second time in two weeks, the misguided mob was at it again on Sunday in New York and San Francisco, disrupting peaceful omelets and eggs Benedicts, challenging gay brunchers to a contest of victimization and this holiday weekend, pretending the claim the mantle of Martin Luther King Jr. as a civil rights cause.

All in all a pretty busy Sunday for people who probably don’t do much the rest of the week.

But you’d think their mothers might have told them: Annoying people is no way to make friends.

I told the story about my family to address this very point: the mothers of these Defenders of Blackness probably never made it a point to sit down regularly at a certain time to eat a meal uninterrupted ever–much less tell them that common sense bit about being annoying. (And let’s not even go there about their fathers.) Therefore, these uncouth, short-term thinkers view a pleasant, peaceful meal among family and friends as something “white” that they need to disrupt with their “blackness.”

Lots of people are wondering what these people are trying to accomplish by inserting themselves into someone’s breakfast. I don’t. They are merely enjoying the look on the faces of the patrons. White, scrunched up expressions give them joy. All that crap about #blacklivesmatter is mere cover for the juvenile joy of disrupting something that white persons are enjoying. They are undisciplined, uncivilized brats, funded by other undisciplined, uncivilized brats.

When this happened a few weeks ago, I joked that there used to be a time when interrupting a meal was grounds for a duel. We’ll see what happens if the “Black Brunch” crowd decides to grow some stones and take their show on the road to a Red State.

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There is one point about the I93 protest that has not been considered.

In theory these protesters obstructed I93 and the lives of tens of thousands to make the point that black lives matter.

Yet I wonder how many people of color were stranded and delayed by these actions?

How many black people, “hispanic” people, asian people had heir lives disrupted by this stunt. Apparently to these protestors these black lives meant nothing.

Or even worse, perhaps in their own bigoted eyes, they presumed that there would be no people of color heading to jobs? Could that pigmentaly challenged crowd really be that ignorant and racist?

Would you really be surprised if they were?

I don’t have a lot of time to watch news in the morning anymore but yesterday as I briefly put on Morning Joe I watched as the team started Lionizing Mitt Romney as an excellent choices for the GOP nomination.

Being a sane man who has the capability of remembering beyond a 24 hour period I look at this and I can’t help but say:

Are you friggen kidding me!

Am I the only one who remembers 2011 & 2012 when the media spent every single waking moment pushing Mitt Romney as the best, the brightest, the most qualified candidate the GOP could run right up until the moment that there was no possibility that any actual conservative could defeat him for the nomination?

Furthermore do any of the big money donors who apparently can’t wait to spend tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to lead Mitt Romney back to the GOP nomination in 2016 remember that once Romney was the presumptive nominee the entire media complex turned on a dime and declared him n out of touch ultra conservative who absolutely hates 47% of the population and spun to the point of dishonesty to bring him down?

Do you really need a blogger to explain this to you?  Are you people this blind and this stupid?