More Stupid Party tricks – “GOP” Senate to get rid of SCOTUS nominee filibuster

By Steve Eggleston Fresh off the betrayal of the pro-life movement by their House counterparts by their refusal to harmonize abortion policy with Europe's ban on abortion after 20 weeks (though they did pass a permanent extension of the Hyde Amendment, which generally forbids federal funds for abortions), a couple of key Senate Republicans are … Continue reading More Stupid Party tricks – “GOP” Senate to get rid of SCOTUS nominee filibuster

Dumb Equals Death

by baldilocks Compare these young people   To these. In a world where the populace had not been dumbed down to consist of a significant portion of open mouths waiting for their egos to be fed--right along with their bellies--the activists in the second photo would at least feel ashamed at the superior moral agency … Continue reading Dumb Equals Death

If Brady is Not Embarrassed by this he Ought to Be

Take our quiz for some Friday fun! Who Said It: Obama White House or New England Patriots?— Rep. Todd Young (@RepToddYoung) January 23, 2015 When you find yourself in distinguishable from Barack Obama when it comes to truth, that's bad. Incidentally we're still going to win.

The #UNEXPECTEDLY Chronicles Oh THAT love story

The latest in our series of stories that should surprise nobody who is paying attention. Today's entry in the #UNEXPECTEDLY chronicles comes from the Washington Post in a friendly price on the new governor of Maryland: She was a painter displaying her abstract landscapes, a single mother of three daughters who’d grown up on a … Continue reading The #UNEXPECTEDLY Chronicles Oh THAT love story