by baldilocks

I’m doing a tiny experiment here at Peter’s blog: seeing if I can write a post of substance on my unplugged laptop, using my phone as hotspot modem, all while riding the LA Metro bus.

Until last year, and with relatively brief interludes at overseas locations, I had owned a car since age 19. But since last July, I have been riding the local buses, trains, and using what Rush Limbaugh calls the Hoof Express.

To be sure, at 53, walking does my rather round body good—not just by keeping it from getting rounder, but limbering things up and keeping all the juices flowing properly—like my blood. And I have had great occasion to walk all over the place today, since I tend to misread the bus schedules, even the online ones. Hauling my behind over where I need to be while cursing my inattention, I managed to make it where I was trying to go two hours later than I intended. But I made it.

Now I’m on the way back to the place I call home and am just happy to be able to complete two things I intended to accomplish when I got up this morning: pick up my old mail from my old house and get something written for this blog.

People keep asking me why I’m not sad or freaking out over my new living and transportation arrangements. That’s an easy question to answer. Suffice it to say, I know what I’m doing and for whom.

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11th Doctor:  I’m missing something obvious, Rory. Something big. Something right slap in front of me. I can feel it.
Rory: [Who died & was erased from existence two episodes earlier] Yeah, I think you probably are.


Doctor Who The Pandorica Opens 2010

People often miss the obvious and as the Blizzard of 2015 continues let’s points out a few things.

1.  If you look out your window and you see the road relatively clean & plowed remember it’s because a bunch of people (mostly manly men) stayed up all night and worked very hard to make that happen.

2.  If you decide to drive on the roads and decide this is no big deal, it’s because that just about everyone else isn’t on the road & you don’t have to dodge them

3.  As a counterpart to those manly men in trucks there are a lot of women many of them older, who are braving the storm to get to nursing jobs or who stayed overnight at hospitals & nursing homes to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves, they, like the drivers deserve a lot of credit.

4.  If you question why various mom & pop diners are open remember those plow drivers have to eat somewhere.

5.  It won’t be until you actually start to move the snow that you’ll appreciate how much you actually got.

6.  There were several different models as to how this storm would turn out  only one of them (if any) could be right but when it comes down to it if you are a governor or mayor you really can’t win, if you underprepared and it gets horrible you will be blamed for not being ready and if you over prepare and it’s not as bad as expected you’ll be blamed for wasting money.

7.  I have no problem with people complaining about travel bans as long as they don’t expect the city or state to rescue them if they decide to defy it and get stranded.

and finally the most important lesson:

We were told just a couple of days ago NYC could get up to three feet of snow.  If our computer models aren’t good enough to be accurate 3 days out, what makes anybody think the Global warming models predicting disaster 1-50 years out are worth going broke over?

Think about it.

There is a debate between two people I admire concerning President Obama’s tax plans.

Glenn suggests the GOP should call the president bluff citing a piece by Megan McArdle 

there are a lot of affluent-but-hardly-wealthy folks in blue states who would be very unhappy to hear that that nice Westchester home Mom and Dad bought for $15,000 in 1952 is going to be subject to a capital gains tax — at the same time as they’re suddenly paying income taxes on the capital gains and dividends in little Sally’s college account. . . .

Taxing the earnings on college savings accounts is even stranger, both because this hits the middle class, and because if you tax the earnings, there’s not all that much point to having the account; essentially, Obama is taxing college savings accounts in order to fund universal community college. This is scraping the bottom of the barrel, and what it tells you is that Obama has already run through most of the practical and politically palatable ways to tax the affluent.

And added this opinion:

Yeah, this will hurt Blue State types harder, but hey, they voted for Obama. This is a win-win: He gets the blame, or he vetoes it.

Ed Driscoll disagrees and makes a good point:

As with Democrats talking George H.W. Bush into raising taxes in 1990, one huge danger to this sort of game is that Democrats will play along in 2015 and then run ads like the above the following year directed towards the individual GOP senators and congressmen who raised taxes:

While those individual ads are a good point Ed misses the real argument that makes this a non-starter.

Ronald Reagan.

Why does Reagan matter here because while the Democrats hate Reagan almost as much as they hate actual Christianity (as opposed to pseudo Christianity that doesn’t actually believe anything) he is their goto guy for justifying many of the things they do.  Ironically while Reagan knew that with enemies one must “trust but verify” Reagan never figured out that congressional democrats were among them.

Ronald Reagan made a deal with Democrats to Raise Taxes and Cut Spending, they did the first but not the second.  This deception not only served the needs of Tip & the rest of the caucus at the time but for twenty years every time Democrats want to justify a new tax they point to Reagan signing the Democrat Tax increases of the 80’s

The fact that this was his side of the bargain, that it was the Democrats who insisted on these tax increases and broke their word (surprise surprise) never seems to come up as far as the liberal left of today is concerned these are the Reagan Tax increases as if Democrats had nothing to do with them at all.

But that’s not the only Reagan Example there is also Amnesty.

Democrats played the very same game, Ronald Reagan made a deal, in return for border enforcement he would make legal millions who had violated law to come here.  Once again he kept his side of the deal and the Democrats keeping the same game plan did not.

And to no one’s surprise today’s Democrats conveniently forget both their betrayal of Reagan and their passage of Amnesty  As far as they are concerned it is Reagan’s Amnesty and that’s that.

So what does this tell us about any possible deal with the left on the Obama Tax increases?

1.  The Democrats will not keep to any deal made, Harry reid has already acted in bad faith and anyone who thinks this President or administration will enforce any parts of any law passed that he doesn’t like deserves all the trouble they get from it..

2.  Not only will the Democrats use the GOP’s passing of tax increases in campaign ads as Ed suggested but if the GOP is foolish enough to go along with this every single media outlet from this point on will classify these not as the Obama tax increases but the Republican tax increases.


So I”m going to have to go with Ed on this one.