Coaching Loretta

The nomination hearings are on, and we’re finding out that the nominee for Attorney General of the United States, the person who may become head the Department of Justice and chief law enforcement officer of the Federal Government, believes that illegal aliens have “the right and obligation to work here.”

Well, that ought to solve the problem of all those fake green cards once and for all, or as Allahpundit put it,

No, she concedes, illegals aren’t supposed to be working, and yes, citizens have more rights than illegals, but if illegal immigrants are going to be here, better that they work than sit around doing nothing.

It’s more of what we’ve been seeing for the last six years (emphasis added):

We’ve had six years of a lawless, completely partisan and divisive Attorney General. Although we will almost undoubtedly have two more years of it, someone who testified as Lynch did should never be confirmed by Congress if the rule of law and the Constitution have any meaning or power left.

IF the rule of law and the Constitution have any meaning or power left, which may be debatable, as Lynch has not shown any disagreement or distancing from the ideas or strategies of the current AG, Eric Holder.

Paul Mirengoff noticed Lynch’s polished, well-coached replies:

Her answers were programmed and generic. She was Cornelia Pillard (and who knows how many other nominees), serving up testimony choreographed by a consultant.

Again, this isn’t problematic unless one accepts the premise — which many Republican Senators espoused and some may even believe — that the Holder Justice Department is beyond the pale. If one accepts that premise, then more should be required of Lynch than a deferential, coached answering style and meaningless “commitments” to uphold the rule of law and to meet with Senators to address their concerns.

Worse yet, the Republicans may actually confirm Loretta Lynch under the “this is not the hill to fight on, guys” tactic (for lack of a better word), which, where I come from is commonly referred to as sheer idiocy.

So help me, I’m tempted to list this post under the “parody” category.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s blog.