Low Information Nation

by baldilocks For some time now, I’ve struggled with the notion that commentary on specific and singular events of the day is futile and pointless. The outrages carried out by agents in the various levels of the American government have been coming so rapidly that days in which no scandal is revealed seem boring. Or we … Continue reading Low Information Nation

The Democrats imitate Robin Hood Villains: Discourage children

The first in a series of posts noting how today's Democrats are indistinguishable from the villains in the classic TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood. Our first example comes from the episode The Borrowed Baby, the plot revolves upon the Count of Severne who is convinced Lady Marian is in league with Robin Hood, … Continue reading The Democrats imitate Robin Hood Villains: Discourage children

“Never Again” Redefined

I'm remembering the coy saying about the French resistance. "If everyone who claimed to be in the resistance really had been, there would have been nobody left to collaborate." There was an interesting piece by Charles Krauthammer that raised an interesting point: The rise of European anti-Semitism is, in reality, just a return to the … Continue reading “Never Again” Redefined