By Steve Eggleston

I had planned on noting the decline in the estimated annualized 4th-quarter real GDP growth from 2.6% to 2.2%, and ObamaCare’s outsized effect on that, but another topic caught my eye. Yeterday, Peter posed the probability that Obama and his administration wants to provoke the populace into violence in order to justify the last steps of a fundamental transformation.

Normally, such provocations would first result in the impeachment and conviction of not just the President, but the entire administration. However, in the present political climate, not only will not a single Democrat vote for either impeachment or conviction, but the “majority” party is bound and determined to not do a <expletive deleted> thing to stop the provocations, whether it is to offer impeachment charges, withhold the authority to spend on an amnesty policy that they like even if they don’t get the credit, stop an overreaching administration bureau from banning ammunition that is allowed by the Geneva Convention,…. I could continue on that track, but I’d end up writing a month’s worth of words on just how the Republicans RepublicRAT half of the bipartisan Party-In-Government has betrayed its country and former base.

A few hours ago, Juliette identified the latest two ObamiNation assaults on the Constitution, the aforementioned ammo ban and the still-secret regulations of the internet by the FCC, as more tactics designed to provoke an incident providing a pretext for martial law. While they are primarily tactics for that purpose, they’re also quite useful after the transition to a post-Constitutional country.

So, what’s next? Does one give in and take a seat at the table of Revolution now? No, not yet. As illegitimate as the administration is, it still retains the appearance of legitimacy, so even if the rest of the world weren’t otherwise inclined to support it, they would.

Rather, one has to be ready for the appearance of legitimacy to drop. If the administration truly wants to go down that road, let them go past the point of no return. Make them recreate Operation Canned Goods.

by baldilocksBaldilocks mini

There’s the FCC (secret) Net Neutrality proposed regulation and there’s the BATFE ban on AR-15 ammunition. There are plenty of places to go to in order to read about these two tactics. And that’s what they truly are—tactics. We know, of course, about the straw and the camel’s back. Well, the Obama administration has been trying to snap that poor beast’s spine ever since it declined to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for blatantly violating the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The violation happened on Election Day 2008 and was recorded.

Repeatedly, I’ve said that the Justice Department’s decline to prosecute in this case was a Declaration of War. Against whom? Again:

I submit that the Obama Administration, representing black Americans and no others, declared a tribal war against white Americans when Attorney General Eric Holder refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party after the latter’s blatant violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Department of Justice’s inaction sent a message mirroring that of the US Supreme Court Dred Scott decision (1857): that the white man has no rights which the black man is bound to respect.

The decline happen less than a month after President Obama’s first inauguration and every violation of the US Constitution and the founding principles which has been perpetrated since then is intended to send that identical message. But even that was just a tactic. there’s more to it than that; an elaborate trap is being set and, with the overt attack on communications and on firearms, this administration thinks that it may have achieved the new Fort Sumpter—because that’s what pulloutchairyou do when you are trying to provoke an enemy to violence. You attack his supply and communication lines.

This administration keeps pulling out the chair of Revolution, but the People—still too comfortable and complacent–won’t sit down.  If they do, that’s when the strategy begins to show its face.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2012. Her second novel, tentatively titled, Arlen’s Harem, will be done in 2015. Follow her on Twitter.

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The results for the CPAC straw poll are in and to nobody’s surprise who knows how CPAC works Rand Paul won with 25,7% of the vote proving that cultivating young libertarians for a generation and a fairly consistent message pays off.

While this represents a good job of organizing this isn’t an election year and the big guns have little interest or need to win the CPAC straw poll.

In an election where 3007 people voted a candidate who needs to do well at CPAC can achieve that with an investment of 15 to 50 K.  If a candidate had been willing to pay to register & transport 500 supporters at CPAC  that would have been enough to guarantee a 3rd place finish this year ahead of Ted Cruz and behind Scott Walker.

If you don’t understand what I’m talking about consider the CPAC 2011 results:

Ron Raul: 30%, Mitt Romney: 23%, Gary Johnson 6%, Chris Christie 6%, Newt Gingrich: 5%, Tim Pawlenty 4%, Michele Bachmann 4%, Mitch Daniels 4%, Sarah Palin: 3%, Herman Cain 2%, Mike Huckabee 2%, Rick Santorum 2%, John Thune 2%, Jon Huntsman 1%, Haley Barbour 1%

The are 9 2012 presidential candidates on that list.  Herman Cain left the race after the media decided that a white woman accusing a black man of sexual advances wasn’t racist if the black man is a republican (oddly I don’t remember that lawsuit going forward once Cain was out ) Gary Johnson was frozen out of the debates and dropped out running as a libertarian,  Jon Huntsman left after NH Democrats didn’t come through for him, Bachmann left after Iowa didn’t come through for her, Tim Pawlenty didn’t even  make it to Iowa.

Rick Santorum only managed 2% at CPAC but won 11 primaries   Newt Gingrich outdid Rick at CPAC 5% but only won two primaries (GA & SC) Mitt won the GOP nomination & 37 states.

Meanwhile CPAC victory not withstanding all Ron Paul could win come election time was the Virgin Islands.

Fast forward to CPAC 2012 taking place in the middle of the primary season where Rick Santorum had just won three midwest states to the shock of the Romney Campaign.  Mitt Romney needed to change momentum, Rick Santorum needed to keep momentum, Newt Gingrich needed SOMETHING and Rand Paul decided to focus his energies on primary states.

The results were telling:

Romney won 38 percent of the CPAC straw poll votes, with former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum coming in second at 31 percent. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) picked up 15 percent of the votes and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), who won the straw polls in 2010 and 2011, received only 12 percent of the vote.

In other words when it actually mattered the contenders invested in CPAC and were rewarded.

Now Rand Paul has a lot more mainstream appeal than his dad and has worked hard to become a credible presidential candidate and a strong libertarian/conservative voice so perhaps he will do better than his father in a crowded primary field.

But for my money I don’t read a thing for 2016 in this year’s CPAC straw poll. If you want to, feel free to do so but don’t be surprised if they end up not meaning a thing.


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If you are a leftist celebrating yet another victory over the a baker or florist who is unwilling to trade a sale for their religion let me remind you what those guys cutting off the heads of Christians have in store for you if they win:

Islamic State have released new shocking photos of a ‘gay ‘man being thrown off a roof and stoned to death.

Following a trial in an Islamic State court, the man was taken to the roof of the building and thrown to his death in front a large crowd below.

The story doesn’t detail if he was denied a wedding cake as well.

I suspect as long as ISIS keeps on killing those hated Christians who refuse to enable gay marriage I guess the left won’t worry too much about them.

Spain now has a new political party, Podemos, whose role model is Hugo Chavez. its three founders served as advisers to the Chávez regime.

What could possibly go wrong?

For an answer to that questtion, let’s look at what The Economist is saying this week about Venezuela:

Hugo Chávez, who created and presided over the Bolivarian state-socialist system until his death in 2013, was repeatedly elected by Venezuelans, thanks to windfall oil revenues and his rapport with the poor. He took his majority as a mandate to squeeze the life out of Venezuelan democracy, seizing control of the courts and the electoral authority, and suppressing opposition media. Latin America’s governments acquiesced partly because they acknowledged his popular support.

Mr Maduro, though, lacks Chávez’s charisma and political skills—and his luck with the oil price. Crackpot economic policies have brought food shortages, soaring inflation and rising poverty.

Juan Carlos Monedero, Podemos leader and former Chavez advisor, is trying to downplay his links to chavismo, since his political adversaries are pointing out that Spain does not want undemocratic populist chaos, in spite of a long and very profitable (for him) association with the communist chavistas.

While Podemos is sliding in the polls,

Podemos could emerge as a broker, capable of mustering a governing majority with the Socialists and smaller leftist parties, according to Antonio Roldán, an analyst with international risk consulting firm Eurasia Group.
. . .
“There’s every reason to think that Podemos is here to stay,” he said. “Come the election, it will have multiple options to play havoc.”

If it does, it would seem that Spain is hell-bent on becoming the next Greece.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog. Her grandparents left Spain in the 19th century.

Chaqtho:Chan Professor, I’m so sorry, but I must stop you. You’re destroying all our work tho.
Professor Yana (The Master)Oh. Now I can say I was provoked.

Doctor Who  Utopia 2007

The government of The United States is not legitimate.

Act accordingly.

Camp of the Saints

Back in June of 2013 I wrote about my fear that the left in general and the president in particular will eventually provoke the people into violence:

If enough people start thinking that in our well armed society, bad things happen.

As I wrote this warning I was working under the assumption that our friends agreed that such a result would be a horrible thing that should be avoided.

But As I watch the president continue to take provocative unconstitutional actions a question is gnawing at the back of my mind.concerning this.

What if the folks in the White House want to provoke violence?

What if the goal is to push and to push and to push some more to the point where people react in a violent way in order to justify the use of force to suppress said violence and bring in even more sweeping restrictions of rights?

Hey if you can’t find a violent Tea Party murderer to justify your arguments why not do your best to create one.

My suggestion?  Resist this trap, the Obama Administration has a limited lifespan we need to loudly oppose them without giving them the excuse or the propaganda excuse to do worse.

Exit thought:  Do you know what the worst part of this question is?  Five years ago if anyone suggested to me that an American administration would think along these lines I would have considered them crazy.

But then again if you suggested to the average russian in 1919 that the state would eventually starve millions they wouldn’t have believed you either.

Rather than a long post on the Obama Administration war on the 2nd Amendment let me put one thought into the minds of our friends on the left who are celebrating the attempt to ban bullets.

How is this any different from a leader claiming that they are not violating freedom of speech or the press if they outlawed pixels or ink?

Think about it.

By A.P. Dillon

Last week, I wrote about Lamar Alexander’s ‘education’ history.  In that article, I traced Alexander’s involvement with the “New American Schools Development Corporation” and how that company was merged with the  The American Institutes for Research (AIR).

AIR is now producing Common Core tests for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC).  The other outfit producing Common Core tests is The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC).  PARCC is run by publishing behemoth Pearson.

Both sets of test have come under fire with states pulling out of the SBAC, parents opting their kids out of the tests and, most recently, students walking out of the PARCC tests in New Mexico.  The tests are reported to be poorly written in some cases and there have been concerns over data collected by these tests and the privacy of that data.

Just yesterday, a judge in Missouri ruled that the SBAC fees in Missouri were unconstitutional. Missouri Education Watchdog reported:

Judge Green of the circuit court of Cole County has just granted summary judgment in our favor on our claim that Missouri’s membership fees to Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia are unlawful under the Compact Clause of the U.S. Constitution as well as “state and federal law.”

Judge Green has permanently enjoined the State of Missouri from making payments in the form of membership fees to Smarter Balanced. We can no longer be a member of SBAC.

Quoting directly from the judgement, which found the SBAC participation by Missouri to be in violation of the Compact Clause of the U.S. Constitution and “unlawful under state and federal law”.

The judgement mentions the SBAC thusly, “the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, a.k.a. Smarter Balanced, Smarter Balanced at UCLA“.  It is worth mentioning that North Carolina is a member of the SBAC and at some point between October 2014 and January 2015, North Carolina’s status at the SBAC went from Governing State to Affiliate State.

Upon inquiring with the SBAC, I was informed this change happened because North Carolina refused to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UCLA. However, according to a statement from North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction, the status change occurred because the state did not administer the full SBAC test in spring of 2014.

Let’s return to Lamar Alexander, who is the sponsor of S. 227Strengthening Education through Research Act (SETRA).  This bill seeks to actually increase data collection of children, including psychological profiling.  To be clear, this bill is dangerous.

SETRA depends on FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) to protect student data privacy. FERPA was gutted by the U.S. Department of Education and Arne Duncan in 2011 in order to let data under Common Core and the associated tests to flow freely. That same year SBAC scored big with the the U.S. Department of Education.

When states took Race To The Top Funds and agreed to adopt Common Core, they were also required the construction of State Longitudinal Database Systems (SLDS). Under SETRA, these SLDS’s will now get even more student data.

Who benefits? Arguably education profiteers have the most to gain. Without the data, outfits like SBAC and PARCC cease to function. Perhaps Senator Alexander can comment on the bill that benefits “public and private entities,” of which his past ‘education history’ is entwined with?

Also of note is H.R. 5, The Student Success Act, which is being rushed through and promoted by Congressional representatives as the opposite of what it really is.  This bill marginalizes parental rights and local decision-making.

SETRA also claims to protect states from federal coercion related to Common Core. Pay attention to the language, the bill prevents future federal coercion. SETRA does nothing to stop the current situation.

These two bills combined represent a failure to listen and a failure to learn from the mistakes of the past. In a nutshell: Education officials and Congress still haven’t figured out our kids and their education are not data sets to be bought and sold.

The public needs to contact their Senators and their Representatives.  Now.

AP DillonA.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder
Her current and past writing can also be found at IJ Review,, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. 

Remember when Stacy McCain wrote about the “slut walks” linking to the Boston Herald:

Yesterday’s protest was one of an international series of “Slutwalks” sparked earlier this year when a Toronto cop reportedly told a group of York University law students that the best way to avoid getting raped was to not dress like a slut.
Jaclyn Friedman, a Medford writer, performer and editor of “Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape,” called the word a “vicious weapon” designed to “keep us in line. To separate us. To make us police each other, turn on each other and turn each other in so that we can prove we’re not ‘like that.’ ”

The primary purpose of the protest being the marchers objection being any suggestion that the mode of a woman’s dress or her past sexual history should in any way implies consent or judgement concerning the crime of sexual assault.

This being the case one would naturally that a women involved in the sex industry who was the victim a gang rape, particularly one that took place in front of her family including her children would naturally be a hot topic on feminist web sites, discussion boards and be a topic of new programs all over the nation.  As Matt Forney put it:

If ever there was a story for feminists to get enraged about, this would be it. According to SJWs, America fosters a “rape culture,” where sexual assault is trivialized and men are encouraged to feel “entitled” to womens’ bodies. You can’t get more entitled than a gang of ghetto thugs invading a woman’s home and raping her at gunpoint.

Apparently if you thought that, you’d be wrong

 feminists have been eerily silent on Cytherea. A casual Google search for “cytherea rape” shows that the only articles about the story are from news outlets, porn industry sites such as TRPWL, and the conservative site The Daily Caller. Searching Jezebel, one of the most popular feminist blogs in the world, for “cytherea” returns a grand total ofzero results.

Stacy McCain 

Raped three times by three armed assailants in her own home — yeah, you might think a story like that would be of interest to feminists who manufactured a fake gang rape at the University of Virginia to dramatize their “rape culture” agenda. In fact, the victim in Las Vegas is something of a celebrity, a former porn performer known at Cytherea.

Despite the high-profile victim and the brutality of the crime, however, this has been greeted with total silence from the “rape culture” feminists.

The story is rather horrible and at least one other person in her industry is outraged at the reaction and lack thereof (language warning).

Given Feminists ignoring this case (and even attacking people who dare to write about it) I must conclude that our feminist friends previous statements condemning the downplaying rape based on a woman’s dress or sexual history no longer applies.

At least not if it doesn’t advance the desired narrative.




My latest for notes one type of change that Barack Obama has managed to create unity in suspicion in government:

In 2015 America, widespread united public suspicion of these tactics may seem natural, but what I find striking is how much of a contrast this is, not just from the days of my youth, but to the recent past.

Even during the Bush years while the left was screaming repression all over media (without grasping the irony of it) a large segment of the public still trusted authority….

Then came the Obama administration’s use of the IRS against the tea party, the spying on reporters, the lies concerning Obamacare, Fast and Furious and Gunwalking, the spy revelation on allies and a Justice Department willing to use their powers to inflame situations to their political advantage in Florida and St Louis while finding no interest in groups like the New Black Panthers in Philly and racial incidents in cities like Memphis and Lansing.

You can read the rest here.