Where there is one Brian Williams, there is Another

President Bennett:  “You’re not going to go public. You’ve got a chip in the big game now. And one day, when you’re in trouble, you’ll come to me and I’ll cash that chip for you.

Clear and Present Danger 1994

As you know by now Brian Williams from NBC news is now taking some time off:

The “NBC Nightly News” anchor, who is under scrutiny after recanting a story he has told for years about being on a helicopter in Iraq that was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade, said last Saturday he was taking himself off the air.

In a memo to staff, Mr. Williams said the decision was his own. “In the midst of a career spent covering and consuming news, it has become painfully apparent to me that I am presently too much a part of the news, due to my actions,” he wrote. Mr. Williams, who is also managing editor of “NBC Nightly News,” said Lester Holt, the weekend anchor for NBC’s newscast, would take his place.

and he is also ducking David Letterman:

NBC’s Brian Williams cancelled a planned Thursday night appearance on CBS’s ‘Late Show with David Letterman’, POLITICO’s Mike Allen and CNN’s Brian Stelter reported on Sunday.

The cancellation comes after Williams admitted this week that he was never aboard a helicopter that was struck by rocket-propelled grenade fire and forced down in Iraq in 2003, as he had previously claimed.

Mark Steyn, who spent some time in RPG ally in Iraq commented saying

I was certainly alert on the road, and I saw the occasional burnt out tank and other vehicles, but I’ve never been in any danger over the ensuing dozen years of “misremembering” an RPG hitting my car – because the difference between being in a motor vehicle or flying machine that’s not hit by an RPG and the same contraption that is hit by an RPG is so vast I don’t see how one wanders innocently across that line. I was around RPGs, I was in the vicinity of RPGs, I was in the Greater RPG Area zip code …but I didn’t see one and I didn’t get hit by one. And I’ve no idea what that would feel like.

But while a lot of words have been said there are two bits that I find intriguing on the subject, the first words come from Maureen Dowd:

THIS was a bomb that had been ticking for a while.

NBC executives were warned a year ago that Brian Williams was constantly inflating his biography. They were flummoxed over why the leading network anchor felt that he needed Hemingwayesque, bullets-whizzing-by flourishes to puff himself up, sometimes to the point where it was a joke in the news division.

This is important, because Dowd suggest that this was well-known (did she know it as well?) and yet none of these “journalists” (or perhaps “Journo-lists” found it worth commenting on).

The second comes from Ed Driscoll who without meaning to hits on the meat and potatoes of the matter.

Can Williams return? Depends on how many cases of Vienna sausages he has to barter with, I suppose…

Ed is making a joke about another Brian Williams story but it’s an interesting point if you think about it.

We’ve seen plenty of spin from the MSM over the years, and a willingness to manipulate and twist things to suit their narrative.  Given the sausage making that been going on there for years,  what makes anyone thing that people willing to do such a thing for political reasons would not be willing to do so for themselves.

To put it bluntly I very much doubt Brian Williams is the only person in the MSM elite with an issue with truth.

Furthermore Williams has been in the business for a long time, he has likely seen a lot and heard a lot, if there are others in this same situation I’d bet real money he knows about it.

If that’s true Williams is in an interesting spot:

  • Does he keep silent figuring that after a short hiatus he will come back or be given an acceptable position elsewhere?
  • Does he keep silent in fear of jeopardizing his daughters position in the entertainment industry?
  • OR does he decide that to take out any chits he might have and make it clear if he goes down, he doesn’t go alone.

That frankly is the only question left and I find it a very interesting one.  Does Williams play hardball or no, but even this question presupposes that the network doesn’t have something even more damning about Williams that they can reveal.

No matter how it ends, a lot of conservatives are going to have a lot of fun watching this all twist in the wind.