Run Warren Run edges the Tuesday Game Night Group

You know it’s a waste of time to point out the difference between say the March for Life in DC or the Walk for Life in SF and the Iowa to something like either the March for life and the Run (Elizabeth) Warren Run Iowa group.

So since that comparison won’t move people who can’t see pro-lifers in front of their faces let me show you this photo of their group:

and mention some names:

Dave, Frank, Ken, Paul, Eric and Peter.

This is or rather was, the roster for the Tuesday night game group that has been playing board games together in the Fitchburg/Leominster area for over 30 years.

Some of the names have on occasion changed over the decades but the regular core group has been pretty steady since about 2001 and until recently never fell below six.

However in November I picked up some contract work that takes up my mornings that combines an early morning with the necessity of hitting the 6:30 evening mass if I want to go to church.

Thus I’ve missed game night for nearly four months although I do manage to join in an online Civ V game on weekends.

So let me congratulate the Run Warren Run Group, they might not be able to compete with the March or walk for life, tea party events, or even the lineup of writers at DaTechGuy Blog.

But they can take a bow, because they’ve managed to outnumber the Tuesday night game night group.

I’m sure Vox et/al will be impressed.