Interview Do’s and Don’ts

One of the advantages of years and my grey beard is the assumption of wisdom by others. In reality an old person can be just as foolish as a young one however age brings a degree of wisdom that comes from the basic experience of life. Take interviews I have my own style and it's … Continue reading Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Time for Western civilization to make a stand for itself

By John Ruberry Western civilization is under attack by radical Islam. Two men were murdered yesterday in Copenhagen, Denmark in separate terror shootings, although the now-deceased killer--who as of this writing has not been named--is believed to have been the gunman in both incidents. The first shooting occurred at the "Art, Blasphemy and the Freedom … Continue reading Time for Western civilization to make a stand for itself

Liberalism: How the left keeps score

Amy Pond: You've got a time machine. What do you need museums for? 10th Doctor: Wrong. Very wrong. Ooo, one of mine. Also one of mine. Amy Pond: Oh, I see. It's how you keep score. Doctor Who: The Time of the Angels 2010 One of the things I've argued many times here is that … Continue reading Liberalism: How the left keeps score

Ransomware comes to Android

By Steve Eggleston Hopefully you haven't had to deal with this, but there has been a rather nasty set of malware that has been running through the PC world called "ransomware". The original, and most virulent, versions encrypted the hard drive, and then displayed a lock screen purportedly from law enforcement that directs the user … Continue reading Ransomware comes to Android