Albert: Do you remember my briefing, Shona?
Shona: Yeah. Well, no. I remember some of it.
Albert: Some of it?
Bellows: How much?
Shona: Till he put his hand on my knee. And then I was just grossing.
Albert: It was intended as a comfort.
Bellows: For whom?

Doctor Who Last Christmas 2014

Today is Ash Wednesday the beginning of Lent.  A time of reflection and repentance when we examine ourselves and our faults to prepare for the coming of Christ at Easter.

In Catholic parishes you will find extra devotions, regular stations of the cross, extra masses and many chances to receive the sacrament of confession for our sins.

Of course as I explained a few days ago if you have the right political views or are in the right political party you not only don’t need confession you can’t even “sin”

And that brings us to Joe Biden:

The victim this time is Stephanie Carter, wife of incoming defense secretary Ashton Carter, seen here holding forth on ISIS while his better half suffers the ritual indignity of the vice presidential droit de seigneur at swearings-in. Silver lining: Unlike most of the females whom Biden creeped on at last month’s oath-taking for the new Congress, Mrs. Carter is of age.

Byron York tweets we should have a national conversation on this subject and writes :

Biden’s behavior at the Carter ceremony follows his hands-on performance at the swearing-in of new senators in January. The vice president’s performance on that day brought comment from around the world, ranging from “Biden being Biden” to “handsy Joe” to “creepy.”

And asks the obvious question

Do the incidents add up to anything? Assume that all of Biden’s gestures were entirely innocent, just Joe being Joe. Still, in today’s society, sexual harassment complaints have been lodged for less. Biden’s behavior gives critics plenty of ammunition and puts supporters in a difficult position. Why is that kind of stuff OK when the vice president does it and cringe-making when it’s the overly-friendly guy in the office?

Now in fairness to Joe he comes from a time that was much more touchy and depending on his intent it doesn’t even rise to the level of sin.

But consider the kind of nonsense the left is calling sin & the standards by which is it measured when we have been seeing things like this:

I recently assisted a young man who was subjected by administrators at his small liberal arts university in Oregon to a month-long investigation into all his campus relationships, seeking information about his possible sexual misconduct in them (an immense invasion of his and his friends’ privacy), and who was ordered to stay away from a fellow student (cutting him off from his housing, his campus job, and educational opportunity) — all because he reminded her of the man who had raped her months before and thousands of miles away. He was found to be completely innocent of any sexual misconduct and was informed of the basis of the complaint against him only by accident and off-hand. But the stay-away order remained in place, and was so broadly drawn up that he was at constant risk of violating it and coming under discipline for that.

via hotair and you have to ask:  “If  the standards are holding the Vice president to are lower than the standards we hold college undergraduates to perhaps there is something wrong with these standards?”

I think Lent might be a great time for everybody to think about this very carefully.

I’m old enough to remember an ad (was it IBM’s?) from the late 1960s/early 1970s with the tag line “Let’s get rid of the girl.” The message was that men should treat women in the workforce with respect, and give due credit for their performance.

Fast-forward forty-some years and we’re now surrounded by “girls”.

  • The execrable HBO series Girls, about four young women in their mid-twenties with no apparent means of support and zero sense of responsibility (but great sense of entitlement) created, written and starring child abuser Lena Durham. Dunham, as you may recall, was on YouTube comparing voting for Obama to losing your virginity a few years ago.
  • Jen Psaki, the spokesperson for the United States Department of State and former spokesperson for U.S. President Barack Obama. Psaki apparently lives by the promise of hashtag, so of course why shouldn’t Vladimir Putin roll back his aggression after seeing this?

Vladimir Putin, by any objective measure, has no reason to pay attention to a girl holding a sign on Twitter, Ukraine or not.

  • Marie Harf, deputy spokesperson for the US Department of State, former spokesperson for the Central Intelligence Agency, and former Obama campaign spokeswoman on national security issues, whose latest doozy was saying to her critics that “maybe my comments are too nuanced for you,” after coming up with,

    “We cannot kill our way out of this war,” State Department spokesperson Marie Harf told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews “We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s a lack of opportunity for jobs.”

Which begs the question, “Does that mean we at war with ISIS, after all, Marie?”

Of course, women of accomplishment on the other political party are to be mocked and insulted, because they’re not Dems, or, is it Dems against US?

Writing as a woman, it is galling to see these “girls” sinking U.S. foreign policy. Of course, it’s the current administration doing it. But it’s time for real women and men to face the very harsh realities  challenging our liberties, and get rid of the Lucy and Ethel show.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

I’ve been pretty hard on both Radical Islam and those who in the Islamic Community that have given only lip service to “Peaceful Islam”.

So I”m always delighted when I see stories like this

In the wake of a deadly shooting attack at a synagogue in Denmark las week, a group of Norwegian Muslims intends to hold an anti-violence demonstration at an Oslo synagogue this coming weekend by forming a “peace ring” around the building

I’m even more encouraged when I see who is organizing this:

One of the event organizers, 17-year-old Hajrad Arshad, explained that the intention was to make a clear statement that Muslims don’t support anti-Semitism.

“We think that after the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen, it is the perfect time for us Muslims to distance ourselves from the harassment of Jews that is happening,” Arshad told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK in an interview cited by The Local News website on Tuesday.

She noted that the group aimed to “extinguish the prejudices people have against Jews and against Muslims.”

This isn’t without risk, there will be some radicals who will not approve of this.  This young woman deserves our praise, our encouragement, …..and our protection.

Eric Holder insists that calling ISIS islamic extremists doesn’t serve any useful purpose except for rating for FOX News:

“We spend more time, more time talking about what you call it, as opposed to what do you do about it, you know? I mean really,” Holder said with some exasperation at a National Press Club luncheon today in Washington, D.C. “If Fox didn’t talk about this, they would have nothing else to talk about, it seems to me.”

Ok I have a thought experiment for Eric Holder.

What if we don’t call “gay marriage” Marriage?

This is not as far-fetched as it might sound at the very start of the gay marriage debates quite a few of us who are opposed and still are opposed to “gay marriage” suggested that if the state & the voters wanted to recognize these unions with all the rights of marriage without actually calling it marriage, we were OK with it.

This would still be an elegant solution to the debate as far as I’m concerned.  After all why worry about what you call it as opposed to what is done about it, after as if the left didn’t talk about gay marriage they’d have nothing else to talk about right?

Over to you Mr. Attorney General & my friends on the left.