Giuliani is “mostly” right

By Steve Eggleston

By now, you probably have heard about former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s statement at a private fundraiser that he believes that President Barack Obama loves America. Earlier, Peter asked where the affirmative rebuttal from the Left was. Even though he hasn’t seen a response, allow me to stir the pot some more.

I can only go on the history of behaviors, but based on said behaviors, I’m left to conclude that not only does Obama not love America as it existed prior to his rise to power, but that he hates those of us who do have a reverence for that pre-2009 America and barely tolerates those who believe in the process of fundamental change of the country to the ObamiNation.

Would someone who loves America begin his poitical career in the living room of a person who actively sought to overthrow the American government? Barack Obama did.

Would someone who loves America continue to go to a church where the pastor said, days after the 9/11 attacks, “No! No! No! Not God bless America! God damn America!” for nearly 7 years, only leaving that church when that incident, among other highly-objectionable utterances by that pastor, was exposed during his second political campaign after 2001 and it became a potential political stumbling block? Barack Obama did.

Would someone who loves America campaign for President promising to “fundamentally transform” America? Barack Obama did.

Would someone who loves America tolerate (at a minimum) his underlings systematically targeting his political opponents and reporters who showed the slightest hint of non-fealty for judicial persecution? Barack Obama did.

Would someone who loves America deride those in an area of Pennsylvania that tend to vote for his party as bitter clingers to their religion and guns? Barack Obama did.

I could go on for a lot longer, but I’d be typing all night. I’m reminded of a certain phrase – actions speak louder than words. I’m also reminded that it runs in his family; his wife, up until Obama’s election as President, wasn’t proud of America.