Where is the counter to Rudy’s Statement?

The media has decided to go all in on Rudy Giuliani statement concerning Barack Obama’s love of America.

This is not unexpected as it gives them an opportunity to spend at least a few days not reporting on the administration’s continued failures i the war on terror, the economy, the courts etc etc etc.

They have reached the Todd Akin stage where the media decides a remark is bad and every single Republican is required to approve or refute it in a way that Democrats never have to answer for things like, for example, Hillary Clinton’s foundation taking millions of dollars from foreign governments or the Sexual crimes of former rep Carlos Henriquez.

But in all of the cacophony of leftist and media outrage (but I repeat myself) concerning how horrible and racist Rudy is or hey Rudy really doesn’t love America there seems to be one thing I’m not hearing anyone of the left doing…

…giving examples that show that Barack Obama has a deep and abiding love of America.

Maybe it’s just me but wouldn’t that be what you lead with but as Kevin Williamson notes that might not be so easy for our friends on the left:

When as a candidate he was in trouble because of his association with the racist lunacy of the Reverend Wright, he responded by giving the American public at large a lecture on racism and its culpability therein, while his minions began proclaiming that the only reason to oppose this politician with the racist associates was — presto-change-o! — racism. But if you believe that the system is basically rotten, that the society that produced that system is basically rotten, that the game is rigged, that your opponents are all phonies and hypocrites, then what’s a little intellectual dishonesty in the service of the common good?

The Irony of course if that President Obama has every reason to love both America & the America people which, despite a record of little distinction (at least from what records we have released) has continually rewarded him his entire life.

But when one feels entitled and believes they are owed a debt the payment of said debt is not considered an act of love and nobody better represents the ranks of the “entitled” more than Barack Obama.