The Ultimate failure of Barack Obama

If he can win the war on terror and turn the economy around he’ll be a winner in my book.

DaTechGuy on Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day Jan 20th 2009

In 2007 while Barack Obama was still a brand new Senator from Illinois President George Bush seeing a moment of crisis in Anbar Province in Iraq proposed a surge of troops to order to defeat the Islamists who threatened to derail the new Iraqi republic that replace the Saddam Hussein Regime.

Despite the Opposition of High level Democrats like Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi low level Democrats like Barack Obama and even some republicans like Chuck Hagel the Bush Surge took place allowing George Bush to hand to his successor an Iraq where the forces of Al Qaeda had been largely defeated.

We have now had Six years of Barack Obama where he pulled troops out of Iraq, pulled American support from allies in Egypt, watch Russia advance in Ukraine and intimidate the Eastern block countries and now this weekend our chief of homeland security told America on three networks that if you are going to the Mall of America in Minnesota

“If anyone is planning to go to the Mall of America today, they’ve got to be particularly careful,” 

Think about that for a second, we went from fighting Islamic Terrorism, forcing the enemy to take on the best trained, best equipped and most effective army in the history of the world in their backyard, to the point where the head of the Department of Homeland security whose mission is to protect Americans in America is warning Americans that they have to be careful in a Mall in the United States.

Barack Obama is an abject failure whose policies have been costly to the American people but the responsibility for this failure has to be shared with that same American population who bought what he was selling not once but twice, the second time after he allowed a successful attack on Americans in Libya without attempting to stop them.

I regret to say we are getting the administration we deserve


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