Going to CPAC this year just isn’t the Conservative thing to do.

It’s the Tuesday before CPC and since 2010 the Tuesday before CPAC has been a day on last minute prep.

A year ago today was finishing my packing, double-checking my battery supply, testing my broadcast equipment and confirming that the Dutch Kitchen Cannoli were ready to be picked up the next morning on the way to logan and confirm my ride to the airport (unless my son was driving).

I’d arrive in DC around noon and catch a cab to the hotel near the CPAC hotel (saving over $100 a night even before sharing the room with a friend.)    Then I’d start scoping out a spot in the Press and while I”m at it starting to do the short 3 minute interviews that I’m known for and pretty much work till Saturday evening when I’d pack for the flight back either Sunday afternoon or sunday morning depending on if I attend Mass in DC or catch the 6 PM back home.

Not this year.

This year I’ll be waking up just as early and getting an early post up, but instead of heading to the hotel at CPAC I’ll be driving to a contact job for the day, hitting mass in the evening then heading home.

Why will I be skipping CPAC this year and depriving my friends of Cannoli?  The answer can be given in three words.

I’m a Conservative.

Now before some of my friends take this to mean that I think CPAC has gone soft, or that I’m objecting to Mitch McConnell, Jeb Bush or even Grover Norquist or to they way some groups are treated vs others or perhaps because of the party acting as if social conservatives have the plague.

Nope my decision has to do with fiscal conservatism.

Last year was a bad year financially for the blog.  We regularly missed our monthly goals by $800 to $1000 and this year has not been better.  with 17% of the year complete we have raised 2% of our annual goal of $22,000.

Put simply the money isn’t there and even if it was the priority is to pay down the debts that were built up from last year.

Of course I actually have plenty of available credit on my Visa.  If I really wanted to I could tell the contract fellow that I’m unavailable for a few days, pick up a last minute ticket and head on down, or I could check with a friend and hop on a bus for a one day visit.  Either one could be done without coming anywhere near my credit limit on my card.

And while that would be enjoyable,  productive, and lead to plenty of solid web content for a month do you know what that wouldn’t be?


Conservatives don’t believe in spending money they don’t have.  They don’t believe in building up debt when it’s not necessary and just as important conservatives believe in setting an example of these principles

Unlike the federal government I don’t have a printing press & nearly unlimited credit and even if I did, what’s the use of going to a conservative event, making conservative arguments, holding interviews with conservative pols if one is going to borrow & spend like a liberal.

Barring the end of the world I strongly suspect CPAC will still be there next year, so I think I’ll spend the next 11 months working hard, paying down my bills and watching my spending.  If I do then it’s highly likely that 12 months from now I’ll be doing the final check of my bags for an election year edition of CPAC.

As any conservative will tell you, that’s how it’s done.