Regarding provocations and seats

By Steve Eggleston I had planned on noting the decline in the estimated annualized 4th-quarter real GDP growth from 2.6% to 2.2%, and ObamaCare's outsized effect on that, but another topic caught my eye. Yeterday, Peter posed the probability that Obama and his administration wants to provoke the populace into violence in order to justify … Continue reading Regarding provocations and seats

Obama to the People: Have a Seat

by baldilocks There’s the FCC (secret) Net Neutrality proposed regulation and there’s the BATFE ban on AR-15 ammunition. There are plenty of places to go to in order to read about these two tactics. And that’s what they truly are—tactics. We know, of course, about the straw and the camel’s back. Well, the Obama administration … Continue reading Obama to the People: Have a Seat

Some CPAC 2015 Straw Poll Perspective

The results for the CPAC straw poll are in and to nobody's surprise who knows how CPAC works Rand Paul won with 25,7% of the vote proving that cultivating young libertarians for a generation and a fairly consistent message pays off. While this represents a good job of organizing this isn't an election year and … Continue reading Some CPAC 2015 Straw Poll Perspective

ISIS executes gay man, The left Yawns

If you are a leftist celebrating yet another victory over the a baker or florist who is unwilling to trade a sale for their religion let me remind you what those guys cutting off the heads of Christians have in store for you if they win: Islamic State have released new shocking photos of a 'gay … Continue reading ISIS executes gay man, The left Yawns