The real Email Disaster for Hillary is with the Young

Jim Hacker:  I discovered recently that one of your staff spends all his time paying people to produce food, and the man in the next office spends all his time paying people to destroy it.
Maurice:  Thats not true.
Sir Humphrey Appleby:  Not true?
Maurice:  No!  He’s not in the next office. Not even on the same floor!

Yes Minister:  Party Games 1984

I was a rather amused by Hillary Clinton & her ahem… interesting press conference and her defense of her little e-mail problem, but I’m even more amused at my friends on the left who see no problem here.  An example:

It’s no skin off back if those on the left don’t mind throwing away their credibility but what I really enjoy is the fact that while Maxinne is correct that this will not make a huge difference in terms of Democrat activist they are missing why this entire scandal is so damaging to them, not because of how easy it is to understand (although that’s part of it) but how it plays to the younger generation.

Hillary is 67 years old and was in her mid 40’s when her husband was in the white house. While she was there Windows 95 & 98 were released. There was no such thing as an ipod, an apple phone or a zune. AOL was still one of the most popular ways to get to the net and people like me were using prodigy or compuserve to get online.

Her statements concerning the limitations on email might sound convincing to her advisers her own age or even to the 50 somethings who were once her interns.

But to the twitter generation who have been configuring their game systems to do things Mrs. Clinton apparently hasn’t dreamed up since they were seven years old Mrs. Clinton’s statement makes her seem every bit the grandmother she is and will cause a lot young voters the democrats count on laugh at her, that is if she is lucky.

But if she is not lucky this scandal will do what a hundred posts from a fifty year old guy like me who lived through the Clinton years describing her mendacity can’t: Vividly illustrate who and what she is to a generation of voters who either didn’t know about or care about what was going on politically during her time.

I can write about Whitewater, Filegate, Vince foster, the Rose Law firm, Cattle Futures, Bimbo Eruptions, impeachment till the cows come home and it’s not going to do a thing to convince a young person who wasn’t alive to see them how big a liar Mrs. Clinton is.

But even the least political person with what would pass for remedial knowledge about email can see she is lying through her teeth and the memes that will be created and shared on facebook accounts all over the country will make her an object of ridicule among them.

It might even cause the brightest among those youngsters, if they think even a little bit, to figure out a former first lady, former senator and a current secretary of state just might have access to someone to configure a phone for two email address for her or could easily hire a 10 year old to do it.

So thank you Mrs. Clinton for explaining to the youth & low information voters exactly the type of person you are in a way they will understand.

We of the right coudln’t have done it without you.