My latest for notes one thing in the Ferguson report that is actually worth complaining about:


The City’s emphasis on revenue generation has a profound effect on FPD’s approach to law enforcement.  Patrol assignment an schedules are geared toward aggressive enforcement of Ferguson’s municipal code, with insufficient thought given to whether enforcement strategies promote public safety or unnecessarily undermine community trust and cooperation.

This practice sets up a perverse reward system if you are a cop, the report explained:

Officer evaluations and promotions depend to an inordinate degree on “productivity” meaning the number of citations issued.

Of course the left’s outrage here would be more believable if not for …

Alas, while this unity in protecting citizens from abuse sounds hopeful in theory, the reality is the outrage over this practice, at least for some, is selective.

What is selective about it?  You’ll have to go to to find out

The bottom lin

As we approached the brow of the hill from which it was expected we could see Harris’ camp, and possibly find his men ready formed to meet us, my heart kept getting higher and higher until it felt to me as though it was in my throat. I would have given anything then to have been back in Illinois, but I had not the moral courage to halt and consider what to do; I kept right on. When we reached a point from which the valley below was in full view I halted. The place where Harris had been encamped a few days before was still there and the marks of a recent encampment were plainly visible, but the troops were gone. My heart resumed its place. It occurred to me at once that Harris had been as much afraid of me as I had been of him. This was a view of the question I had never taken before; but it was one I never forgot afterwards

US Grant Memoirs 1885

At the Witness for the Church blog author Barona notices something consistent with a point I’ve been making for a while concerning how Pope Francis’  words are being reported”

Pope Francis: “children…not even allowed to be born…” ~ Why is the Holy See Press Office censoring the Holy Father?

He goes into more detail:

They were busy away distorting the Pope’s words last October 3rd,  when he addressed the Council of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe. At that time, The Holy See Press Office released thisdocument. But the actual words of the Pope were these. The Pope also spoke these critical words that are totally missing from the Holy See Press Office’s official document: 

Europe has discarded its children. A bit triumphantly. I remember that when I was studying in one country the clinics that did abortions then prepared everything to send it to cosmetic factories. Makeup made with the blood of innocents. And this was something to brag about, because it was progressive: the rights of the woman, the woman has the right over her body.

Once again, to find the true mind of the Holy Father I am forced to search about the Holy See’s website in Italian. One will notice that texts are not being translated into major languages. Catholics are not receiving the teachings of the Pope. This is intolerable! This is a scandal! 

Now he blames this on a corrupt Vatican press office pushing a false agenda (he points to said office as the reason why the press got the wrong idea at the Synod of the family) but while this is certainly possible there, one should not that there have been plenty of orthodox moments that WERE available in English that the press has simply ignored.

I suspect there is a cause that he is missing that is easily explained:

If there is one thing Pope Francis has managed to do is get positive press from a western media that is almost uniformly anti clerical and certainly anti-catholic (at least any Catholic that, you know actually believes in what the church teaches).  This holy father has been a notable exception to the point where some conservatives have actually bought the liberal line that the post is planning to remake the church in their image.

The reality is this Pope emphasizes mercy & forgiveness and confession but all of these things presuppose sin that needs to be forgiven and changed

I suspect the real driver here is cowardice.   A fear that if Francis’ words actually get out to the English Language press, suddenly all the favorable press will evaporate as the leftist media considered their hopes betrayed and this pope will be attacked as savagely as the Pope Emeritus.

One would think that they would have trust in the Holy Spirit but that if that is not the case perhaps they should consider the quote by US Grant that this piece leads with and remember that they press is much more afraid of Francis then the Vatican press office should be of them.

Consider, in an age where right and wrong, good and bad, proper and improper are based on race, ancestry and where you are from does the western press REALLY want to spend their time attacking the first Pope from Latin America who is universally loved by a whole continent?

And remember in the US where every single pol is courting the “Latin” vote who wants to be the first pol to attack Pope Francis for condemning abortion, for emphasising marriage as it has always been, for describing the sanctity of the Eucharist?  How well would that play with people who share a primary language with the Holy Father?  How much time would it take for any such pol to have radio ads in spanish played against them in their district?

That moment terrifies them and they will do all they can to avoid it.

So let me close by suggesting said office takes this bit of advice from President Grant to heart:

This was a view of the question I had never taken before; but it was one I never forgot afterwards


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