About that “Cuban side or the white side”

I normally ignore anything said by members of The View because life’s too short.

However, today I’m making an exception, in the interest of ‘a conversation about race’, that much-touted issue Starbucks wants to foist on us, coffee buyers of America:
As spoken by Whoppi Goldberg:

It has come up before for this very reason because he’s one of the people that said, well, he should — the president — well, Hun, you know — I want to see your birth certificate. And you’re a mixed, gentleman, right? You are mixed. I want to know, are you talking for the Cuban side or the white side. What are you talking for? See, now, when we turn it around, it’s not very nice. It’s not very nice.

This is the sort of b.s. that I’ve been writing about for nearly a decade. Since Whoopi is so invested in identity politics, she will never figure out that, then it comes to Hispanics, the truth is that there is no such thing as “Hispanic.”

Allow me to say it again,

There are two dozen Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas. Each one of those countries is as unique as countries can be. Their histories are different, their customs, foods, music, traditions, and even their slang, are different. Every “Hispanic” country has peoples of every ethnic origin, race, religion, economic status, family size, educational background, physical size and build, level of work skills, and intellectual and mental ability. You will find this to be the case even more dramatically in all cities with large ports, and in resort areas. A lot of people from other countries who come for trade and pleasure return to settle permanently in those areas.

You want diversity? Let’s look at real diversity:

There are Peruvians of Japanese ancestry (and one of them became president of Peru). There are Chinese Cubans. There are English Puerto Ricans (my mother’s high school teacher’s family, for instance) – and Puerto Rico has a significant illegal alien problem from people from adjacent islands. There are German Venezuelans. There are Irish Argentinians. The Africans that were brought to Latin America from the slave trade are not all from the same areas of Africa and did not follow the same traditions. Even among the native peoples, the Peruvian Quechua are not the Chilean Mapuche who are not the Mayans of Apocalypto.

Within countries there are significant differences. For example: Among the millions of legal and illegal immigrants to the USA, there are hundreds of native associations, particularly in the South West. Do a google search for asociacion Oaxaca and you’ll find 966,000 results. The Mexicans who come from Oaxaca will tell you that they are not the Mexicans from the capital (Distrito Federal), and that they enjoy getting together with their friends from their corner of the old country, hence, the asociaciones Oaxaqueñas.

Among the indigenous people, some take great pride in not being Hispanic – not that Whoopi will ever hear of that.

I can go blue in the face discussing facts about “Hispanics”, to no avail. As Glenn Reynolds put it (which Pete has already mentioned and is worth repeating), the reality is that

The “White Hispanic” thing is a case of dog-whistle othering, telling people that the target is outside the protection of the Democrats’ racial coalition and thus can be freely attacked. By engaging in such signalling, NPR is also signalling that it’s a full-blown part of the Democratic Party apparat, though that’s not really news. . . .


So, once Ted is elected, don’t expect to hear the other “H*” word, either.

Political Correctness Is Making You Sick


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