Here is Ted Cruz’s speech from the YAF event in Nashua NH last friday

He took a few questions after his speech:

On creating political opportunity

On Standing with our allies:

and on replacing Obamacare

I also got the reactions of Seroach

and Michael

The crowd seemed to like what it saw, the only question is will the others who follow do better?

By: Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – Louisiana is one of the most beautiful states with some of the best food in the South, I believe.  You simply can’t beat the scenic bayous, cypress swamps, colorful azalea gardens, and the piney Kisatchie forest for natural scenery.  The smells of shrimp boats, seafood gumbo, spicy boiled crawfish, and sugary fried beignets waft throughout the state.  The music in our state is legendary: jazz, blues, zydeco, country, rock, you name it – we’ve produced superstars here.

Seems like paradise.

Seems like we ought to be rolling in the dough.  But, we aren’t.

Governor Jindal is meeting with legislators and working out details in his new budget and the reports are grim.  According to LSU President Dr. F. King Alexander, the university is preparing for an 82% state budget cut:

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proposed state spending plan for the next fiscal year takes more than $500 million away from state colleges and universities to help plug a $1.6 billion budget hole.

That’s an $80 million cut in state funding for LSU. Dr. Alexander said that could force LSU into bankruptcy, leading to faculty layoffs, tuition increases and 2,000 classes being canceled.

“These are all disheartening and very concerning issues that we’re dealing with on a daily basis,” Alexander said. “With our graduation rate being as high as it’s ever been and our numbers being higher than they’ve ever been, our reward for succeeding in such a fashion is to look at the largest budget reduction in the history of LSU or the history of any state.”

It’s a doomsday scenario to be sure, but with Louisiana dealing with one round of higher education cuts after another, they have cut to bare bones already.  Another round could indeed be a fiasco to our flagship university system and higher education institutions across the state.

It’s not just higher education that is falling under Jindal’s ax, either:  heath care is looking at major cuts as well.

Jindal’s budget for the Department of Health and Hospitals is dependent on funding that isn’t guaranteed; his plan requires twelve separate pieces of legislation must be passed and the odds of that happening are not good.  Jindal’s public-private hospital system is in jeopardy:

On Wednesday, we learned just how bad the health care crisis looms for the state. Louisiana is at a healthcare meltdown.  For one, the governor’s public-private hospital reform is for now, so uncertain and poorly funded, its future hemorrhages daily.

Meantime, the opening of the billion-dollar-plus University Hospital in New Orleans has been postponed because the cash well is dry.   The state’s healthcare industry is on the warpath.

All of this is the result of years of balancing the budget by juggling money from one pot to the other, all funding that is not guaranteed from one year to the next.  Now when all the pots are empty the whole game comes to a crashing close.

As Louisiana looks forward to new leadership, we are going to need a governor and a lieutenant governor who are fiscally responsible and can capitalize on the great assets of this state.

Jindal came in with great promise; he’s a brilliant man, but for too long his sights have been set on the national state rather than the job at home.  He’s spent as much time out of the state as in it and he has squandered opportunities.   He still has his fans and supporters, and personally, I remain certain that his future will lie in a cabinet position in Health and Human Services.

In the meantime, we hope our higher education systems can hang on and our population doesn’t make a mass exodus for the Texas border.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

On twitter there is a big move to start a “boycott Indiana” movement for its decision to be the 20th state to pass a Religious Freedom Law to protect Christians from persecution for refusing to support Gay Marriage.

By an odd coincidence the same media types who have been attacking the Gov of Indiana have been cheering the opening of the (Ted)  Kennedy Center

Instead, Vice President Joe Biden will preside over a full-size replica Senate chamber at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate in Boston, with current and former senators at their desks, high school students on the floor and Kennedy family members in the gallery.

The institute opens Monday with a dedication speech by President Obama.and a who’s who of Massachusetts politicians, United States senators and Kennedy kin.

What’s odd about this is it was Ted Kennedy who gave this speech:

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which Senator Hatch and I, and 23 other Senators have introduced, would restore the compelling interest test for evaluating free exercise claims. It would do so by establishing a statutory right that adopts the stand­ards previously, used by the Supreme Court. In essence, the act codifies the requirement for the Government to demonstrate that any law burdening the free exercise of religion is essential to fur­thering a compelling governmental interest and is the least restric­tive means of achieving that interest.

It was this law championed by Kennedy that is the basis for the laws in the various states that the left is calling “bigotry” and “hate”

Yet I haven’t heard a single one of the people who spent the weekend comparing supporters of this law to KKK members or Jim Crow fans calling for a boycott of the Kennedy event today or urging the President and Vice President to give it a miss.

I’m shocked at the prospect that the outrage of the left might only be based on political advantage.

Aren’t you?


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Mika Brzezinski: OK, I got just one thing to say – it’s just my instinct in a couple of meetings with him: I wouldn’t underestimate him. … I wouldn’t underestimate him. I think this guy is really, really smart. I don’t agree with a thing he says.

Donny Deutsch: And you think he has a chance to be a serious contender? That’s a – I’m not saying he’s not smart. He’s a U.S. Senator.

Mika Brzezinski: I wouldn’t underestimate from him having a big impact in this election and not being the 9-9-9. I’m just saying. That’s my instinct. We’ll see.

Morning Joe March 2015

At the start of the Young American for Freedom event Friday night in Nashua NH something took place that reminded me of the days when I was the same age as many the young people in attendance.  It was the screening of this short video on the media & Ronald Reagan.

The film was a stroll down memory lane as I watched again saw a young Joe Biden, a young Chuck Schumer and members of the media, many still alive, attacking Ronald Reagan as a fool , a dunce , an uncaring and unfeeling warmongering ogre who would destroy the country at best and the world at worst and recalled my own history professor at what was then Fitchburg State College saying how much Ronald Reagan scared him..

I laughed inside as those media and political giants insulting Ronald Reagan in the public forums that they had exclusive control of at the time never suspecting they would fail utterly to harm his popularity but decades later they would be using Reaganesque as a positive adjective for people like Barack Obama.


What was most interesting about that film was how familiar the words sounded to anyone who has been following the media reaction to Ted Cruz and,  Andrew Kaufman the director of the Reagan Ranch pointed  out the parallels as he introduced the Senator.  While the left’s critique is an excellent parallel between Senator Cruz and President Reagan the real parallel between the pair can be best described in the words used by Abraham Lincoln to describe US Grant:

“I can’t spare this man, he fights!”

Ronald Reagan fearlessly fought for the principles of conservatism he did so without anger, without yielding and with a smile.

That more than anything else is the perfect description of what Ted Cruz means to conservatism.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Since his first moment in the congress Ted Cruz has fought.

He has fought against the use of “show votes” set up to be able to highlight ones position for contributors and voters while allowing bad legislation to pass, fought for fiscal discipline he fought for the 2nd amendment fought while others were caving over Newtown, Joined Rand Paul to fight to protect Americans in America from being targeted by the government fought the Chuck Hagel nomination, fought to defund Obamacare multiple times even as some in the GOP hit him for it and has stood up for conservative principles in front of Democrat audiences and defended the Tom Cotton letter on MSNBC before the belly of the beast.

He has done all of this despite unrelenting attacks on this character, his competence and his motives.

Yet through it all he has never lost his good humor or optimism and has taken all of these attacks with a smile.

A lot of people have  underestimated Ted Cruz as a presidential candidate and discounted him in the same way that others did Ronald Reagan.

I would not be surprised if it produced the same results.

(FYI let me give a hat tip for my new friend Roxy for the title of this post)


Our March Premium for tip jar hitters of $50 or more is Stacy McCain’s book:  Sex Trouble: Essays on Radical Feminism and the War Against Human Nature

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