I briefly spoke with GOP candidate Russell Taub who is running for the House At large seat in Rhode Island at the YAF Nashua conference

Remember even in a blue state like RI half the battle is being willing to make the fight

There was a lot of fuss when Indiana became the 20th state to pass a Religious Freedom act this week indicating just how much the Democrat left has rejected any prayer of attracting believing Christians.

Democrats & media have been falling over themselves to denounce Indiana and the media & left made a big fuss about this announcement

The continuing blowback over Indiana’s new “religious freedom” law hit home Saturday, with Indianapolis-based Angie’s List announcing it is canceling a $40 million headquarters expansion.

The decision is a direct result of passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, co-founder and chief executive officer Bill Oesterle said Saturday.

Angie’s list produced some celebration from the left and some cancellations from believing christians but unfortunately for Angie’s list it also produced something it apparently can’t stand scrutiny:

roughly 70% of its money comes from advertising, which some people see as a conflict of interest. I mean are you going to give a low rating to an advertiser?

A federal lawsuit filed in Philadelphia this month may answer that question.

But I am wondering how the company’s business is doing. Let us go to the numbers.

2012 revenues: $155,799,000. Losses: $51,033,000.
2013 revenues: $245,642,000. Losses: $32,989,000.
2014 revenues: $315,011,000. Losses: $12,532,000.

Now the losses are shrinking and the revenues doubled. Everyone gets sued in business.

But its stock price dropped from $17.94 a share on January 31, 2014, to $6.34 on Friday.

In other words, Angie’s list is already on thin ice.

It’s a business that’s been losing millions for years, whose stock price has been dropped 60 percent in the last year, is facing a huge lawsuit and has now managed to upset a large section of the population with a long memory to impress media elites.

It’s not the ally the Boycott Indiana wants but it’s even worse if you consider this:

What happens if something goes wrong?

Angie’s list was already in trouble, if it’s forced to sell, or has layoffs, or seeks bankruptcy protection there will be plenty of people willing to point to the power of the Christian consumer as the cause.

Any of those things will give any business thinking of allying themselves with the radical anti-christian left media pause.

And if they go under, all bets are off.

Angie’s list is a time bomb waiting to blow up in the faces of Boycott Indiana, in fact some have already figured this out and will do their best to save the day for them.

When the ship sinks we’ll be happy to note their failure to patch it as well.