Alinsky wears high heels

Alinsky rule #5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

This time ridicule came in the form of violations to the military dress code:

Cadets and cadre put on their favorite pair of high heels and marched in Temple’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event to raise awareness of sexual assault against women.

The cadets, members and symbols of the heteronormative military-industrial imperialist hegemonic complex, had no choice,

“They were threatened with negative counseling statements and OERs if they didn’t participate. It was pretty much” do this or we’ll kill your career before it even starts.'”

To a Liberal’s mind, cadets in high heels are a boon:

  • First of all, they look ridiculous. Speaking as a woman who wears high heels, heels are not for everyone (including females).
  • The event, if you are to call it so, was symbolic. Wearing heels or not has absolutely nothing to do with sexual assault.
  • Forcing the military to disrespect their own code (this time, the dress code) is a win to a Leftist: It diminishes the participants.
  • It was a public event for all to scorn/mock/titter.

Then there’s the “awareness raising” aspect. Like Mark Steyn, I’ve had it with “awareness raising;” I regard it as a manipulative maneuver by those who lack solid facts to support their points. I expect Vladimir Putin’s awareness was raised one notch.

Ace posted,

I blame the high command of the armed forces. There should be rampant resignations over Obama’s maladministration — instead, this cadre of careers throne-sniffers and apple-polishers just keep jockeying to see who can curry more of The Emperor’s kind favor.

I agree with Ace. However, to me, the most offensive part of this charade is that it’s a setback to women in the military. Courageous women have served our country in the military for decades, and this preposterous exercise reduced them to a stereotype of victimized girls in high heels.

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