Ben Carson NH 5-10-15 1st stop Manchester

Yesterday after my wife went to work I and about 350 people (I counted 333)  spent a mother’s day afternoon with Ben Carson at Manchester Community College as he introduced himself, his values and his thoughts on  America’s future to them.KODAK Digital Still Camera

As it was mother’s day he spent a lot of time on his mother & childhood years & college years (How many people have Anna Freud as one of their Psychology instructors )

He talked about his faith (“You don’t need a PhD to talk to God just faith”) The Re-election of Barack Obama (“It was like being slapped in the face with a fish, it woke people up”) On the nature of America (“Our nation was designed in such a way that the People would be at the Pinnacle”) (“The Government is there to facilitate Life Liberty & Happiness not govern every aspect of our lives”) But his main theme was taking personal responsibility

(You’ll find the segments of his speech at DaTechGuy’s Youtube Channel)

He Took several questions from the Audience on Medical savings accounts

On the Military

On Scripture & the 2nd Amendment (two questions here)

at the end the event I interviewed people in line for a picture of him. Rachel & Jacob



And Dan

When everyone who wanted a picture had a chance to get one He consented to a short interview by me

Between me & the crowd He answered half as many question as Hillary Clinton has in her entire campaign

the fact he was not a pol and did not seem to be stage managed appealed to the crowd. This struck me as one of the least rehearsed Political events I ever covered, at least it would be until I saw him later that day in Hollis but that’s a later post.

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