The Hillary Accomplishment Question: The Idiocracy is here

Since July 2013 I’ve been asking the question “What are Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments as sec of state?” for almost two years and not getting an answer.

Now Mark Halperin asked that question of group of Hillary voters and this is what happened:

As you might guess this has led to a lot of fun, the headline at the free Beacon complete with spelling error:

Iowa Dems Speechless When Asked to Name an Accomplishment from Hillary Clinton’s State Tenture

And Business Insiders’ description of the scene was classic

Halperin tried directly calling on the participants to offer an answer. But the 10 Democrats present continued to struggle with the question. “Um,” said a third person, who then paused for several seconds. “No.” “I honestly can’t say,” a fourth said.

And of course there is commentary Ed Morrissey:

This time, though, Hillary is the establishment, and she’s almost spookily unaccomplished at the same time. Even her defender notes that Hillary has been around an awfully long time, and he still can’t name any specific accomplishment. These Democrats will still vote for Hillary, if they vote at all, but don’t expect to see the kind of dynamic that produced outside-the-box turnouts and support for Obama in either 2008 or 2012. Hillary can’t provide that kind of excitement, not even with the “first woman” meme voiced at full volume.


Hillary 2016: She “knows how to get stuff done” but they can’t name anything she’s gotten done.

And Rick Wilson correctly say the GOP ad writes itself:

What’s really funny were the replies to Mark Halperin’s tweet on the subject:

such as:


But you’ll note that neither they or others who attack the question in blogs like Richard Barry …

Is she perfect? No. Is she going to be attacked relentlessly by her political enemies. Yes. Will she always handle those attacks well? No. Are there some real problems with her past? Yes. But to read this headline you would think that this group of 10 Iowans are mortified that Hillary is the only credible candidate running for the Democratic nomination, which couldn’t be less true. Overall, they seem pleased.

…bother to answer the question on the floor: “What are Hillary’s accomplishments as sec of State?” In fact when asked the question directly

They get belligerent:

The problem isn’t the question the problem is to acknowledge the inability to provide an answer challenges a religious belief: That Hillary Clinton has what voters crave Apparently the movie Idiocracy wasn’t a satire, it was a prophesy. Update: Does this count as an accomplishment?


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