Grateful Hearts – 05.22.2015 –

The great Apostle Paul wrote nearly half of what is now known as the New Testament of the Christian Holy Bible.  There are 27 books in the New Testament and most Biblical scholars attribute Pauline authorship to 12 of the 27 books. Of particular interest to this writer is an exhortation that Saint Paul wrote … Continue reading Grateful Hearts – 05.22.2015 –

VDH’s Pathei Mathos

I was going to write about the execrable Hillary Clinton (who demands that the names of her campaign reps on a press conference call should remain anonymous) but quite frankly, once I started, was revulsed by the idea. Instead, I re-read Victor Davis Hanson's heartbreaking article, Pathei Mathos: What I Relearned the Last 12 Months (I'm … Continue reading VDH’s Pathei Mathos

Their Sacrifice thrown away for a Democrat Talking Point

This is Memorial Day Weekend. You are going to see a lot of images of a lot of liberal Democrats laying wreaths at the graves of soldiers, speaking at events or  appearing on TV talking about the sacrifices of those who died defending our country.  You will also see many in the MSM talking about … Continue reading Their Sacrifice thrown away for a Democrat Talking Point