I started this post as “I was just thinking” but it’s actually indistinguishable from my old “under the fedora” column so we’ll call it that

The Rubio Campaign is having a lot of fun with the #rubiocrimespree tag, that demonstrates a wisdom in how to deal with the left.

The GOP should send American Bridge flowers because now every time someone asked them to comment on a story that comes from them they can answer: “Your asking me to comment on a story from the people who brought me the #rubiocrimespree?”

People give a lot of grief when Oliver Wills or Eric Boehlert when they say foolish things to defend the left or attack the right, but it should be remembered that this is what they were paid for.

Plus foolish tweets like this

Setup excellent replies like this

While it’s true that the use of the laws involving withdrawals to go after Denny Hastert is kinda iffy he should have known better to lie to the FBI, particularly given his past.

I keep hearing people making the arguments against Hillary Clinton however these arguments presume that people who support Hillary are doing so based on argument vs emotion. This is why you need a dynamic leader for the GOP who can both make the argument for his position and provide the emotional leadership to inspire those who aren’t paying attention.

I saw a poll recently saying republicans were only viewed favorable by 41% of the public. Given that the popular culture for decades has spent their time bashing the GOP that’s quite an accomplishment.

Those previous two statements explain why so much effort is made to elevate feelings over truth in our current culture.

Incidentally if you don’t believe me about what matters to voters consider. I made it a point to record the Q & A for all the various questions asked to Ted Cruz separately so that a person wanting to hear his answers on issues could see what he believes and judge accordingly. Yet every single on of those videos combined did not draw the number of hits that my friend Rob Eno’s clip of Cruz’s joke about Hillary framing Tom Brady did.

Rob’s deserves credit for recognizing that to the viewing public that joke was what mattered, but that doesn’t say much for the viewing public does it?

It’s kind of discouraging to see Pablo Sandoval playing so poorly for the Red Sox but given three world series in a decade I can’t find it in myself to complain that much.

I love the english language because it allows for things like this:

This fellow doesn’t care much for the Catholic Church but that’s what the Perpetual Twitter Novena is for.

I must admit I have soft spot for people who use language well, even when it’s directed against things I hold dear.

I really think there are plenty of people on the left and not a few people on the right who are cheering for the jihadists to murder Pam Geller for the crime of speaking uncomfortable truths.

That’s really one of the advantages of being Israel, When you face destruction on a daily basis you don’t have the luxury of abandoning reality for comfortable fictions

It’s a pain in the neck to have to wait for the next season of Doctor Who and know that you only get 13 weeks of new episodes but when you think about it in the old days you had 26 weeks of episodes but they were all half the size of the current ones, and you had 6 stories vs the 10-12 we have each season, plus the Christmas special. In the end you are getting the same amount of Doctor Who in terms of minutes as in the old days, just compressed into fewer weeks while expanded into more stories.

Earlier this week I poked fun at the new cultural orders concerning Bruce Jenner (until he legally changes his name he’s Bruce) by pointing out that pretty soon Life of Brian will have to be censored to make it politically correct.

You could not make Monty Python today, not only would so few people get the literary and classical references but the army of the aggrieved would not allow the jokes, or they’d be beheaded.

Mel Brooks once commented he didn’t start making fun of Nazi’s until Hitler was dead and they were defeated, frankly if he was 35 instead of in his 80s I don’t think he could do what he did either.

It’s kind of odd to See Stacy McCain go almost all feminism all the time, but he’s made himself an expect and having done so is much like Jor-El when he’s figured out Krypton is going to blow up. He knows the danger and is doing his best to warn the rest of us before it’s too late.

Keep an eye on that meme because I’ll be using it for another post shortly.

One of the things that I’ve come to believe as I’ve gotten older is that God is no less active in our modern day that he was 200, or 500, or 1000 or 3000 years ago in his interactions with humanity. I think we’ve just done our best to train ourselves not to hear him, with an awful lot of help from the other side of course.

Elizabeth Price Foley is now a regular contributor to Instapundit, Given the amount of time Glenn has given the site over the years it makes sense that he now has someone to share the load, and he’s still putting up an ungodly amount of posts compared to normal human beings.

I’ve really fallen in love with the Movie Pimpernel Smith. I’ve only ever seen it on youtube but I suspect it will be years before I’m tired of it.

Ever notice that neither Amazon Prime nor Netflix seems to have the classic movies of Errol Flynn available for free? The reality is most of the stuff that is available is stuff that you can’t effectively sell.

Let’s not forget they are no more in the charity business than I am.

Finally in closing let me remind all of you who are feeling discouraged that are discouraged about the state of te country and the state of the world that t many in the world the Soviet Union’s success and the United State’s failure was a done deal…right up until the moment it wasn’t.

Oh and if you’re free Wednesday you should go see Evan Sayet in Boston, I am.

By Tom Wesley

It is not often that 500 rabid, conservative Republicans converge in one spot in the bastion of liberalism that is Massachusetts. Ted Cruz pulled that off in Andover, about 27 miles south of Nashua, New Hampshire. If Senator Cruz does not win in New Hampshire in February, Massachusetts may not matter come March. He pledged to return as President. What he was trolling for were activists to fuel a campaign a half hour up Interstate-93. Some people in Texas drive 27 miles to get milk.

So why did he squander an opportunity for activists to get to know the nuances of Ted Cruz, advocate for him and join in his campaign? I’ve heard him captivate an audience at the National Press Club in 2014. At “The Barn” this weekend, he offered shop worn platitudes and predictable  applause lines. It may be all well and good to advocate for the “repeal of every line of Obamacare” but what will replace it? How will he untangle 6 years of legislation?

As a first term Senator, he carries the same baggage as our incumbent President. Why not highlight the differences between the resumes of community organizer cum law professor versus a Solicitor General of Texas who argued cases in the Supreme Court?

There is a lot to know about the growing Republican slate. Voters will understand their stance on core values but how they will engage with the irresistible force of Washington to move their agenda? Tick tock.

Press on

Update (DTG):  We welcome Tom Wesley, Former GOP Congressional candidate, current selectman and  a longtime supporter of this site and look forward to seeing what he has to say on a regular basis.

Between the GOP and the Democrats by the time election day comes in NH there are likely going to be 20 or so major party candidates who are not guys who wear boots on their head like Vermin Supreme who will be campaigning in the state.

To this point I’ve done a half day covering two of them Ben Carson (here and here)  & Ted Cruz (here here here and here).

As you can see by my coverage it is in many ways vanilla, I video the speech of the candidate, I shoot individual shots of any  Q & A so the voter can see said candidate’s position on various issues, I interview voters who attend and when possible interview the candidates themselves.

Given the size of the field and the way these things are normally covered I submit and suggest this kind of coverage would be a good idea to advance a campaign without the standard media filter.

So let me make an offer to all the GOP campaigns Bush, Trump, Kasich, Jindal, Paul, Santorum, Graham, Pataki, Christie, Rubio, Fiorina, Huckabee, Walker, Perry and any other major candidate who cares to throw their hat in the ring.

I would be most happy to do a series of :  “A Day Covering…” posts on your campaign when it visits NH. Just email me here

and I’ll be in touch to arrange the day.

I am committed to a few Knights of Columbus, WQPH  Madonna Della Cava events plus some family ones but as long as we can find a day without conflict we should be all set.

As a rule I give the campaign permission to download and  all the video I shoot & put up, as they see fit.  I figure that’s only fair.

And if you are the O’Malley, Sanders or even the Clinton campaign I offer you the same deal with the same kind of coverage.

Of course to any campaign that on either side of the aisle that prefers the MSM filter my offer will be unattractive. But to anyone else willing to give it a go I’d be delighted to do the job.

(If you wish to do this but for a state other than NH I’m afraid I’ll need travel and expense money to swing it but that’s what a tip jar is for.


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