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Rick Perry presses the flesh

Today I visited Nashua Community College for a Rick Perry BBQ & speech coming just after his official announcement.

The event was at the Nashua Community college on Rte 101A in NH.  I always feel odd here because back in my college days a lot of this area was woods before the great migration from Massachusetts took place.

The first person I interviewed was a state Rep from Derry named John Potucek.

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Setting up the background

His line about waiting for a line to inspire him really struck me. There are an awful lot of GOP candidates and potential candidates and I suspect that for most people there are 2 or more candidates who are on their A+ list Another 2-3 who would be rated B+ to A at least half a dozen who are solid B’s and with a few C’s and a couple of F’s (You’ll get the chance to vote on that on our newest poison poll soon). I have a real feeling there are a ton of voters who are just like him waiting for something to force his choice but not sure what.

Meanwhile the setup continued with people preparing the stage while the group that would be cooking the

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Come for the food stay for the speech
hamburgers and the dogs got to work to feed the expected crowd.

The event was scheduled for 4 p.m but the governor was coming down from a previous event from the lake country about an hour north. Meanwhile press starting to show up setting up both across from the state and the Granite Grok team who are the first people you should check out when you are looking at NH politics. I started to speak to Steve MacDonald
but in the middle of the interview Mike Rogers which made for a rather odd interview.

The Granite Grok Table
The Granite Grok Table

Within a few minutes Mike showed up and began their setup with a table and tent to keep. They kindly invited me to sit there but I decided to stay in the cafeteria where I had set up a small area to upload video and stay charged. Heading back there to upload some video I interviewed a VFW member Paul Chevalier one of several vets highly visible vets in attendance.

It was clear that Perry as one of only two vets in the race (the other being Lindsey Graham) was going to go lot on the vet card. Meanwhile people started eating

As the vets started upstairs for the private meeting with the Governor I noticed several people who I saw at the FITN some of which were at the Laconia event, first I spoke to Vito of the Vito and Vito show

And then I talk to Mona of Politichicks who in addition to talking about Perry has been covering the police situation in NY

I then spoke to Kate who is now working at the Daily Signal

I think she has great potential. I counted about 200 downstairs and by the time the vets came downstairs and more people showed up by the time Gov Perry came downstairs the numbers were about 350

The governor mixed with the crowd before his speech and it’s not everybody that has a medal of honor recipient on the stage with them. Perry than gave his speech.

He spent a good amount of the speech talking veterans affairs and his record on the issue. He compared Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter and our current situation to 1979. It’s something that a lot of us have been KODAK Digital Still Camerasaying for years, but frankly other than his Texas record (which is very strong) the speech wasn’t anything that inspiring.

When the speech was over he again dived into the crowd and I found myself with mixed feelings I was there to cover Rick Perry and get a question or two in but I must confess I had never seen a Medal of Honor let alone a person wearing one in the flesh and I considered heading toward but as you might guess he was almost as popular as the governor.

So I repositioned myself toward the area where he was leaving & started my camera with the intention of asking: “The MSM is doing their best to define the GOP field to the public, what is your plan to define yourself before they can do it to you?” once he finished with the crowd, however once he was beyond the crowd & and I started to ask my question he simply continued to walk, I tried to continue my quest as I’d done walking questions with Gov Huckabee & Jindal but Gov Perry silently accelerated away from me to his waiting car about 10 yards away.

It was an excellent impersonation of Hillary Clinton and was quite a contrast to both Senators Cruz & Carson who had not only taken questions from the crowd at events I covered but had taken questions from reporters & bloggers.

But in the end my annoyance doesn’t change the fact that as a Vet with a much more conservative record that Lindsey Graham can hope he has a strong card to play in the primaries and no amount of him running from me changes the fact that for his 14 years as governor of Texas his policies have caused both businesses and individual to run toward his state.

That’s quite a record and in a sane world would be a logical counter to the media defining him as a buffoon the last time around (whoever convinced him to run for president while on pain meds should be hung). However given the electorate’s willingness to ignore reality & believe the MSM’s memes on both Romney & Obama it might take some effort to change that meme. That could make him a much weaker candidate that he deserves to be.

How he counters that will determine if he gets any farther than the last time.


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It’s curious. So many families, fathers and mothers, tell me, “We are at the table with our children and they have their cellphones and…” It’s another world. It’s true that the virtual language is a reality that we cannot deny. We must take it on the good path because it is a progress of humanity, but when this takes us away from communal life, from family life, from social life and even from sports, from art and I remain hooked to the computer, this is a psychological illness, for sure.

Pope Francis during a return flight to the Vatican 6-6-15

Yes I get that there is some irony in typing this quote while my wife lies in bed next to me

the list of admired (or once-admired) writers who in turn admired fascism is quite long; some later paid a price in terms of their reputations, others—in common with the large cadre of writers who embraced the Soviet Union—have had their embarrassing politics reduced to footnotes.

Charles Paul Freund at Reason

This kind of evil doesn’t advance without an awful lot of help.

This is not an art project. This is what we call “a cry for help.” Feminism often functions as a substitute for therapy, but not an effective substitute. Crazy women who become involved with feminism just keep getting crazier.

Robert Stacy McCain on Emma Sulkowicz video Ceci N’est Pas Un Viol

Nothing says “Hero of feminism” like a video destined for Xhamster.

When higher education was a booming industry, and when Democrats controlled most state governments, turning academia into an activist arm of the Democratic Party seemed like a good idea. Now academia’s seen as bloated and dysfunctional, the party it’s tied itself to is at record low influence in state governments, and the chickens are coming home to roost. It would have been better to have stayed out of politics, and focused on providing value to students.

Glenn Reynolds

 Colleges were once the way to escape poverty, now it’s an extended high school drinking party that leaves you in debt for life.

The United States lacks the will for this fight: Americans could defeat the Islamic State on the battlefield – certainly in Iraq, and probably in Syria, too. But the odds of this administration, or even one led by a Republican successor, being willing to make the necessary commitment to both battlefields, seem very small indeed.

Aaron David Miller:  5 Reasons why the US Cannot beat ISIS

I’ll say this for Lindsey Graham he’s going nowhere but he’s exactly right about what is needed to defeat ISIS.

Do any liberal activists ever have their motives similarly questioned? How often did CNN wonder if protesters in Ferguson were hoping to get their heads cracked open by police batons in hopes of generating sympathy for their cause? When lefties agitate against police violence, they’re speaking truth to power; if violence results, it only proves how right they were. When Geller agitates against jihadi violence, she’s a cynic trying to bait unrepresentative members of a particular group into lashing out so that she can falsely claim vindication. How does that work?

Allahpundit on the MSM reaction to plans to behead Pam Geller

I still think the reaction is all about her courage highlighting others cowardice.

After World War 2 we were not only a superpower but Europe was decimated, Asia was in ashes,  Africa was, as always, a non starter and the Muslim word was primitive.   We held in our hands a weapon that all we had to do is go to any other nation and say: “We will use this if you don’t let us take you over.”  We had that power and we didn’t even take over Canada!

Evan Sayet who will be performing in Boston this Wednesday, you can buy tickets here

I’ll be there

By John Ruberry

Hillary Clinton was in Texas for a couple of days last week. If she is the Democratic for president in 2016, she will not win the Lone Star State. Nor will Martin O’Malley, Lincoln, Chafee, or Bernie Sanders. Why was she there? To raise money in America’s second-most populous state. But to counter that criticism she used some of that time in Texas to criticize voter registration laws in states with Republican governors. “What is happening,” Clinton said, “is a sweeping effort to disempower and disenfranchise people of color, poor people and young people from one end of our country to another.” She also posed this question: “What part of Democracy are they afraid of?”

Clinton went on to admonish states that have tweaked early voting laws–but neglected to mention that her adopted home state, New York, does not permit early voting.


Later in her address she complained about “fear-mongering” on a “phantom epidemic of election fraud.”

One of the GOP governors she singled out was Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who signed into law a bill that she claims curtails the ability for college students to vote. Watch this Project Veritas video where and Obama for America worker tells a collegian to vote twice.

You can learn more about massive vote fraud in North Carolina here, in Illinois here, in Florida here, and in Minnesota here. I could go on and on.

Who does not think that one illegal vote is one too many?

Hillary and other Democrats become unglued when the subject of photo ID voting laws comes up–as they claim minorities are less likely to possess picture identification. Many of the states that have photo ID voting laws allow for those who wish to register to vote to qualify for free government-issued ID cards. Oh, isn’t it condescendingly racist to claim that minorities for whatever reason can’t manage to obtain a photo ID for themselves?

But Hillary can’t run on her record, which includes decades of scandal, the Benghazi murders, and her disastrous “reset” with Russia. And she has more skeletons in her closet than you’ll find in the catacombs in Paris.

That means we’ll see more demagoguery from Clinton.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

There have been plenty in the media who have argued that the violence like the targeting of Pam Geller’s event in Garland TX or the threat to behead her out Boston anything more than the actions of a small minority and that those who claim Sharia law is something repressive simply do not understand Islam.

By that argument apparently the Government of Saudi Arabia, the keeper of Islam’s most holy sites, simply don’t understand Islam at all:

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has upheld the sentence of 1,000 lashes and 10 years of imprisonment on blogger Raif Badawi, despite a foreign outcry.

Speaking from Canada, his wife Ensaf Haidar told news agency AFP, “this is a final decision that is irrevocable.”

If ONLY someone who actually understands Islam like Chris Cuomo could go to Saudi Arabia and explain the true meaning of Islam to these guys.

Via Althouse


“First we must cross the river,” Benito was saying.  “Do you believe me now when I tell you that you must not attempt to swim it, or even get wet from it, or must you try that too?”

“What happens if I just dive in?”

“Then you will be as you were in the bottle.  Aware and unable to move.  but it will be very cold, and very uncomfortable, and you will be there for all eternity knowing that you put yourself there.”

Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle Inferno  1976


Well it’s official, a letter writing campaign by a clique at my parish managed to get our 20 something year old pastor removed and transferred to Winchendon and replaced by the 60 something Pastor currently there..

When I first heard about this effort several weeks ago I figured it was just the normal ruffled feathers that come with a big change. After all our previous pastor had been at our church for 14 years and was both a strong speaker and a powerful force.  Any person replacing him would have some problems so when our new pastor came in, only a few years past ordination it was likely quite a shock to some of the older families.

However when I talked to Fr. Mike I found out this was a lot more serious than I thought. Despite the lack of anything resembling wrongdoing a concerted effort was being made to remove him. He noted that I was welcome to write a letter supporting him to the Bishop (which I did) but remembering that there were a few feathers ruffled when Fr. Bob first came in 15 years ago I figured it was going to be a lot of noise that the Bishop wasn’t going to take note of.

Boy was I wrong.  The Parish and the Diocese has managed to shoot itself in the foot big time.  The number of losers in this sorry affair  is rather numerous:

1. Bishop McManus:   By giving into a clique he not only gives the impression that he can be swayed over minor disagreements over staff & spending but he makes himself vulnerable to this kind of pressure from cliques in other parishes in the future.

2. The Priests of the Worcester County Dioceses: If a priest is guilty of misconduct the it is incumbent on a bishop to act quickly and decisively to remove him, but if the priests of the parish get the idea that the Bishop is going to melt over a few letters concerning parish operations & spending that can’t be good for either morale or operations.

3. The Seminarians: What do you think young men studying to be priests in this Diocese are going to think hearing about this?  Will they dare to be dynamic and challenge their flock to get out of their comfort zone and follow Christ or will they be inclined to play it safe, intimidated, worried that any move that might make those with money or influence in a parish upset?

4. Vocations: It’s hard enough to generate vocations in the east these days.  This example of a young priest being chewed up and spat out by a parish isn’t going to make it any easier.

5. Steve DiNatale Mayoral Campaign:  Steve has been a good state rep for the city and to my knowledge has absolutely no knowledge or involvement in any of this, but the facts won’t matter.  He is a lector at this parish and one of our most prominent members so people will assume he does.   It’s a no win situation. If he comments on this in any way he is likely to divide the people in his parish base,  If he says nothing than people will make assumptions about what he thinks, what he did or didn’t do.  And that’s just inside the parish, the rumors going around the Catholic community in town certainly aren’t going to help and gives an easy in if any of those running against him choose to use it.

6. St. Anthony’s Knights of Columbus Chapter: Our council is barely a year old, a divide in the parish can’t be good for recruiting within the parish and certainly isn’t going to make Catholic men from other parishes without councils anxious to join us.

7. St. Anthony’s School: Our Elementary School will be trading a young dynamic priest, who was the chaplain of the Fitchburg Fire Department.  A priest from the video game, email and cell phone era for a priest in his 60’s. Boy that’s going to be a draw for young families choosing between the catholic schools in the area. And hey, if parents if you have a choice between enrolling your kid in a Catholic school where the parish is divided or a school where it is not, where are you going to go?

8. Our incoming pastor: I’ve met Fr. Leblanc & know him slightly.  He seems a nice enough man but not only does he gets thrown into a now divided parish but he’s on the spot. Does he make his own decisions on how to do things, or is he looking over his shoulder?  Does he make changes, does he stand pat?  It’s going to take a lot of effort and prayer to get things where they should be. And what if the folks who got rid of Fr. Clements decide they don’t like what HE does? What if the money doesn’t start coming in? Does he get the blame?

But the biggest loser of all is St. Anthony of Padua Parish:

Our reputation among priests is likely shot (what priest will want to go to a parish that makes trouble for them)?

Our reputation with the Diocese is likely shot (Nobody likes to deal with whiners and given that we escaped the last church closings by the skin of our teeth, if there is a future church closing in town we’ve likely moved to the front of the list)

Our reputation among potential parishioners is likely shot (what Catholic moving into town will want to jump in the middle of this high school clique nonsense?)

And our reputation among ourselves is shot.  Who is going to want to get involved in any group or club or activity that they aren’t already part of?  After all if a pastor who makes a decision that somebody doesn’t like can be replaced,  how much more expendable is a mere parishioner? Much easier to just show up on sunday, put in the envelope and go home, or just decide to head off to a parish without High School drama queens.

All of this is a distraction from the primary duty of the church. To Teach and preach the word of God and put it into action in the community.

It will take an awful lot of prayer, supplication and humility on the part of the parish to recover from this disaster & if it doesn’t the worst part will be the knowledge that the responsibility for the fall of the parish and the waste of the hard work of Generations of faithful Sicilians who built up St. Anthony’s doesn’t fall on some outsider.

It will be because we put ourselves there.