I can’t do better than this:

Well, I doubt I’ll be alive in 2040, but I shudder to think what kind of America my children and grandchildren will be living in, 25 years from now, if things keep going in the direction they’re going now, at an ever-accelerating speed. Conservatives must either pick a fight we can win, or else make up our minds that the next time progressive pick a fight — no matter what it is about — we’re going defeat them at all hazards. Every time progressives win, they become stronger and America becomes weaker. Unless we can find some way to counterattack and force the Left to fight on the defensive, there will be no stopping this cultural and political avalanche short of tyranny or anarchy.

Having been a mature adult I can verify all the statements concerning that date he made.

I think my statement from Election night 2012 to Hong Kong TV & French Radio is becoming increasingly true, we are two countries inside a single border and if we are going to ever win we need to follow the advice I gave that evening:

Go to the Latinos and Black Americans, explain WHY conservative economics work for them. Explain why an open border hurts THEM and theirs and explain why the entitlement society makes them peons and slaves to the state as sure as if they were in the plantations of South America or the old South.

Go to women explain WHY not only conservative economics works for them but WHY conservatism in social issues benefits them, their children and themselves.

Let Americans know that WHY a strong America makes them safer than a weak one, make the case and do it every single day.

That’s the only solution. I also suggest a lot of prayer.

My first full interview was of author & Radio Host Cheri Lamonte Host of Mary’s touch

You can pick up her book The Healing touch of Mary here.

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – Governor Bobby Jindal threw his hat into the presidential ring last week and, to be sure, it was almost an anti-climactic move.  Here in Louisiana especially, we have seen this move coming for years.  Certainly his announcement met with an underwhelming response around the state.


Gov. Bobby Jindal made official on Wednesday (June 24) what we’ve known for years: He believes – all evidence to the contrary – that he is supremely qualified to be president.

Like a dog that hears a faint sound his owners cannot, Jindal’s ears must detect the quiet voice of God urging him to run. After all, he told us he was earnestly praying about the decision. Thus, one must conclude that after assessing his infinitesimal chances (he’s at 1 percent in the national polls and is likely the nation’s least popular governor), Jindal has faith that his flagging campaign is poised for a miracle.

Ouch.  And that was the kind part of the article.

For the most part, it doesn’t seem anyone is holding high expectations for Jindal’s performance in this race.

Personally, I think he’s probably better suited for a cabinet position, especially one that oversees health care reform, which is a field in which he has shown some expertise.  There’s no doubt he has something to contribute to a Republican administration.

Jindal certainly can hold his own in any intellectual conversation and his addition to the field will make the early debates interesting.  He thinks fast on his feet and responds lightning-quick when challenged; this is, in part, what contributed to his terrible Republican response speech a few years ago.  His handlers had coached him to talk slower so people could understand him.  As a result he sounded ridiculous and was skewered on Saturday Night Live and the late night talk shows.

Jindal will get some support from a few talking heads nationwide, those who have no real idea of his debacles here at home.  The NOLA article referenced above outlines those fairly succinctly so I won’t be redundant, but let’s just say he’s not all that he projects himself to be.  There are enough chinks in the armor that there will be plenty of ammo for any candidate willing to target Jindal’s policies here at home on things like higher education, Common Core, and balancing the budget – all vulnerable topics for Jindal.

At any rate, we saw it coming.

He’s in.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

Yesterday Instapundit linked to a piece at Newsbusters suggesting the Univision’s attacks on Donald Trump failed miserably:

Aside from the fact Trump was accurate, if uncomfortably so? As detailed here in this space just last week, not to mention in Ann Coulter’s new book Adios, America  Now? Now Univision – which – hello? – has a contract with Trump – has abruptly broken their contract in a fit of pique.

Prompted, according to Trump, by the Mexican government itself. Not satisfied with just doing that, one Alberto Ciruana, Univision’s President of Programming and Content at Univision, cleverly (??) took to Instagram to post a dual wanted-poster-style photo that features Trump paired with the accused Charleston racist murderer Dylann Roof captioned: “No comment.”

The inevitable backlash arrived and Ciruana had to apologize, saying: “I’m Mexican who was very upset by Mr Trump’s recent comments about Mexican immigrants, but I should not have re-posted the photo.” Ya think? Trump replied. His response will be to sue.

Question. Is Univision trying to elect Donald Trump President of the United States?

Answer? Yes, apparently.

However that statement, in fact the entire piece has one flaw.  It works under an assumption implies that Univision does NOT want Donald Trump to be the GOP nominee.

But DaTechGuy, you say, why on EARTH would they want a GOP nominee who has so much money that he could , if he wished, single handedly outspend Hillary Clinton and furthermore has the potential to attract the totally disinterested into the electoral process?

For God’s sake why wouldn’t they?

You have a man who will chase social conservatives away, a man who has spent no little time over the years lionizing Hillary Clinton a man that people who do opposition research for a living dream about every night before they go to bed.  You have a man who is the living embodiment of  everything the left has tried to paint the right as when it comes to attitude toward lations.  He’ s a one man “get out the vote” campaign for the Democrats.

And if that’s not enough there is one more decisive reason here:

Trump is the anti-LeBron — popularity is performance in politics, and Trump is the first candidate in modern presidential primary history to begin the campaign with a majority of his own party disliking him. A whopping 57 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable view of Trump, according to an average of the three most recent polls. That beats former record holder Pat Buchanan, who had a 43 percent unfavorable rating at this point in the 2000 election cycle.1 Buchanan, of course, ended up running as an independent.

And seriously can you picture the judicial picks of a Donald Trump?

I think Trump is the only candidate in the field more likely to lose to Hillary Clinton than Jeb Bush, I think the longer Trump stays in the race the more candidates who could win will be forced out and if the GOP pisses him off enough he goes Ross Perot on them an Hillary wins 400 electoral votes with 40% of the popular vote


That’s why Univision is willing to play chump for Trump, their eyes are on the prize and that prize is Hillary 2016