Hi Bernie Welcome to the Conservative Media Headline Club

One of the things that can be really frustrating about being a public conservative is the way the media spins a headline to attack.  Sometimes a man deserves it, sometimes not but if you’re a conservative you can be sure that a headline in the media will be spun to attack you.

That’s why I had to laugh when I saw this:

The Bernie Sanders Archive Is Bustling With Mysterious Young Men

Now I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that in a Democratic primary with a large quantify of black & hispanic americans who might not be as in love with homosexuality as the Hollywood left a Democratic organ that will likely support Hillary Clinton might use a headline like this.

And as Ann Althouse quoting a commentator on he site notes the photo is even worse:

Wow. Did you give any actual thought to your choice of the headline and photo for this article? 

The photo is of Sen. Sanders, with his arms around two young boys. The headline reads, “The Bernie Sanders Archive is Bustling with Mysterious Young Men.” You do realize the unfounded, and terrible, implication of this combination, don’t you? 

The photo doesn’t even have anything to do with the content of the article which is about interns digitizing boxes and boxes of content from Sanders’ time as mayor. Did the editor and writer get lazy coming up with the headline and photo for this article or this is a hatchet job? Either way, it sure isn’t good journalism.

The piece itself is pretty good and worth a read, and in fairness a writer often doesn’t pick the title or the photo for a piece, but how many people will even bother to go beyond that headline and photo?

So welcome Bernie Sanders to the land of being treated like a Conservative but don’t despair, once you either lose the Democrat nomination (or win it) the media, the pols and all of those who are right now making interesting implications will suddenly remember how much they love you and reserve this treatment to people like us.