Sutekh on the Hudson

Amy Fowler Kane:You don’t Like my husband, do you?
Hotel Clerk:No.
Amy Fowler Kane:Why?
Hotel Clerk:Lots of reasons. This place was always busy when Frank Miller was around. I’m not the only one. Plenty of people think he’s got a comeuppance coming. You asked me, ma’am, so I’m telling you.

High Noon 1952

An Important reminder via Ed Driscoll at  Instapundit over the latest court ruling gutting the Giuliani era laws that cleaned up Times Square

Just a reminder, this is what a certain Weimar-ish clique of dissipated elite New Yorkers have wanted ever since Giuliani cleaned the city up.

This mindset is perfectly illustrated in this fourteen second clip from Doctor Who

Remember all values systems are equal so if you question Sutekh’s designs, you’re a bigot and he’s a victim.