Final Update:  The more I think about it the more I’m thinking Fox accomplished exactly what they were looking for.  More on Saturday morning.

I’m offended by the “Donald Trump going after women BS” by Megan Kelly and Donna Brazile. We are constantly told by women that they are strong, assertive who are equals to men, but if they are treated the same why a man is suddenly its offensive. Either you are tough enough to take the hits or you are the weaker sex who need to be protected from offensive speech, pick one.

I agree with Elizabeth Price Foley at Instapundit:

GOP PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE LOSER? FOX NEWS: I was particularly disappointed with the ridiculous “gotcha!” questions posed by Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace. Can Fox News please focus on the issues and not try to play favorites?

1st Place Donald Trump: By Default proved he belonged there won’t lose support among the new crowd that tuned in that aren’t political animals.
2nd place Rand Paul: Did everything he needed to do, was both memorable and substantive
3rd Place Ben Carson Didn’t get many chances but handled them the best
4th Chris Christie Got noticed make his points and reminded those who had gone Bush why they supported him before
5th Rubio Lots of solid answers
6th Huckabee, had memorable lines but was lost every exchange with another customer.
7th Cruz Almost perfect but seemed to be constantly ignored by the panel
8th Walker Good lines but never jumped out.
9th Kasich Played to the crowd but too long on a lot of answers
10th Bush Almost didn’t notice he was there. That’s bad news for the big donors.

My rankings I think there was only one so so performance (Bush) , Kasich got a lot of love from the home crowd but wasn’t impressive, Walker was fine but not overly impressive , Cruz was very good but got very little time, Huckabee had memorable lines but not as hot, Rubio was very good, Chris Christie did very well , Ben Carson didn’t get many chances to speak but clearly hit nerves, Rand Paul managed to be both combative and substantive and Trump proved he belonged on the stage.

11:03 Trump closes with his standard the US is not what is should be, we have to make our country great again.

11:02 Bush speaking (he was left alone for 30 min) fair close stumbled a bit like his brother at the end.

11:00 Ted Cruz, day 1 give a laundry list of what he would do strong but Ben Carson trumps him with the half a brain line. Huckabee: Hits Hillary Clinton when everyone thought he was talking Trump, Scott Walker: Talks record and recalls, the “and we won”

10:58 Paul give a first rate close, notes he leads Clinton in five states Obama won, Rubio talks about his history,

10:56 Closing Kasich goes over his record, pretty good response, Pretty good answer by Christie about his record

10:55 Carson Asked about race relation: Give his pat neurosurgeon answer I operate on the part that makes a person what they are crowd loves it.

10:54 Rubio asked about God & va: Rubio says God has blessed us we must help our vets only one fired

10:51 Kasish asked the God question, long winded answer, Walker invokes his past and the protests against him

Last round Closing question first: Have they received word from God: I get God daily from Scripture God speaks through the bible talks about his father’s conversion. You shall know them by their fruits. Knocking it out of the park

Good round for everyone but I think Paul’s answer was the best for him

10:45 Christie invited to hit Paul, instead agrees with Carson about Military, agrees that we can’t be funding our enemies, but says Israel needs to fund.

10:44: Why did you change your budget to allow aid to Israel: At least I have a budget, Israel is a friend, We shouldn’t borrow money from China to send it to anyone. We can’t give away money we don’t have. We don’t project power from bankruptcy court.

10:42 Huck asked about Transgender troops: Huckabee: The purpose of the Military is to kill people and break things. We’ve forgotten why we have a military. it’s not a social lab.

10:41 Walker on confronting Russia if they go after Baltic states: “Russia & China know more about Hillary’s emails than we do ”

10:40 would you have struck Syria?: Talks about an army that’s not ready while our enemies grow strong & our friends don’t trust us. I’d shore up the military first.

10:36 They are back breaking news about the Iranian General, goes to Trump again: Trump talks about Iran and discusses Iran deal as garbage. If Iran was a stock you should buy it. The Russian cyber attack brought up, FINALLY asked cruz something. Have they declared Cyberwar: Cruz: Of course they have goes through the list of the enemies gains.

Rubio & Paul did best that round, it’ been an hour since they said a word to Ted Cruz WTF?

10:33 Paul asked about protecting religion: Says I don’t want the government going after they guns or my religion.

10:31: Kasich asked the “what if your child is gay” to Kasich: he plays the unconditional love card and brags about going to a gay wedding. Kelly should be ashamed of herself for that question.

10:28: Bush asked about trump: Thinks he’s divisive but we need to win. Trump says when it comes to the world we have no time for tone we have to get the job done.

10:26 Trump asked about his changes: tell story about a person not aborted that made a different, invokes Ronald Reagan best you can do there.

10:25: Rubio asked about life of the mother exception claims, denies supporting exception

10:23 Bush asked about Planned Parenthood asked about the Bloomberg board that funded it: Bush claimed he joined for education, notes his pro-life record. “I didn’t know but it doesn’t matter. That’s an ad against him”

Every candidate helped themselves that last round, perhaps Carson & Christie the most

10:15 Quotes first debate asks on Iran deal: Asks Walker on Day 1 tear up deal. Walker invokes the Iranian hostage crisis, stronger sanctions and then convince allies to do the same. Paul on the deal. I oppose the iranian deal, he didn’t negotiate from strength. I don’t mind negotiation but must go from strength, no release of sanctions until proof of compliance: Huckabee: Trust but Verify Trust Iran vilify us. Notes the death to america & Israel stuff, Three great answer there.

10:13 Great answer on economy by Rubio

10:10 Trump asked about 4 bankruptcies: Doesn’t apologize for using bankruptcy laws to his advantage for the four times in 100’s of deals. Point to the money he made. Chris Wallace presses, Trump points out he got out of Atlantic City before it went bust.

10:07 Christie & Huckabee on entitlement reform asked if Huckabee is lying: Huckabee is not lying he’s just wrong, Gives specific answer on retirement reform, good answer. Huckabee noting that it’s not the people’s who had their own money taken that it’s screwed up. It’s wrong to do so. Christie It’s already happened we have to fix it as it is.

10:05 Bush notes Clinton wont’ even comment on Keystone, Walker defends his record on jobs notes three elections

10:01 If Hillary is nominee: Carson suggest Hillary will NOT win. She is the epidemy of the secular progressive movement, counts on the fact that people are uninformed

On twitter Carson being attacked mercilessly for mentioning God by the left.

After 2nd Break Trump still ahead, but Cruz, Paul & Walker did well.

9:55: Rubio asked on Common Core: Dept of Ed won’t stop with a suggestion it will become a mandate.

9:53 Bush asked about Common core: Spins Fed government should be involved in standards. Points to his voucher plans.

9:51: Huckabee asked about government size: talks flat tax, Carson talks flat tax and tithing

9:49 Walker’s “everything hillary clinton touches” line was classic

9:46 asked Trump about single payer: Note get rid of the artificial lines. Paul hits him again., Trump asked about donations to dems: “When I give they help”

9:44 Hey they finally got back to Ben Carson asked about waterboarding: He jokes about being ignored: What we do is our business and I’m not going to broadcast it and I don’t believe in fighting a politically correct war.

9:43: To Bush: asked about the War and his hedging on it: It was wrong but they didn’t die in vain. Points out to Obama leaving causing the problem & the rise of ISIS.

9:42: How can you defeat ISIS in 90 days to Cruz: Cruz says our policy should be “If you join ISIS you are signing your death warrant.” Cruz contrasts Obama on Christians vs Islam

9:40 Doesn’t Ben Carson get to be questioned anymore?

9:37 Christie invited to hit Paul on terrorism. He does big time. Paul “I want to support the 4th amendment.”, “Christie says it’s hot air”. Paul says get a warrant “you want to give him (obama) a big hug go ahead again.”

9:35 Ted Cruz will you support Kate’s Law?: I filed that law leadership blocked it. “It’s not a question of stupidity they don’t want to enforce the law.”

9:34 To Paul: Why in the last two years have you changed your position. “I changed because I listed to the American people.”

9:32 Rubio asked about Trump too: People feel like we are being taken advantage of. Talks about the legal people.

9:31: Back asking Kasich is Trump is right: “Trump is hitting a nerve”, he’s got his solution we’ve got ours, lists accomplishments.

9:28: No clear leader but Trump finished strong & is the pol leader so wins by default

9:25 Trump asked to answer Bush directly on the immigration debate: “If it weren’t for me Chris you wouldn’t even be talking about it.” “Reporters are a dishonest lot.” Wallace challenges his evidence, Trump says Border Patrol people tell him this.

9:24 Bush on Immigration Do you stand by the “It’s an act of love” statement. Yes but we have to secure border. Unimpressive answer.

9:22 Megan Kelly asks Kasich about taking Obamacare money to expand medicare: Ignores the cost question and points to other types of savings.

9:20 Why is GOP at fault on foreign policy to Paul: Points out that ISIS rides around in US Humvees, I have been fighting us from arming their friends.

9:18: Huckabee asked if he is too radical: Invoke the constitution to protect the 5th amendment & 14th amendment to protect children from abortion vs a new amendment.

9:17 Would you really let a mother die to Scott Walker: Deflects the question points to his strong pro-life position.

9:15 To Christie, NJ Sucks why should we vote for you: “Christie You should have seen it before I got there.” Talks about cuts

9:15: Ted cruz asked if he’s too divisive? “The American people are looking for someone to speak the truth.”

9:13 Temperment question vs women. Points toward Trumps twitter account. We have no time for political correctness talks strength. throws a punch at Megan Kelly.

9:11 Jeb Bush asked about dynastic stuff. talks about his record, talks reserves they call me Veto Corleone.

9:09 Marco Rubio: If this is a resume contest Hillary Clinton will be the president

9:07: First question goes to Carson, do you know enough about what’s going on. (Same question that I asked him in NH two months ago) Disputes it, experience comes from a lot of arenas. “America became a great nation not because it was flooded with politicians ”

9:05 Boy Rand Paul didn’t waste time he’s hedging his bets attack. Didn’t phase Trump.

9:04 Raise you hand if you won’t pledge to support the GOP candidate or run 3rd party Only Trump does.

9:02 Everyone is being introduced again home field advantage Kasich

8:57 For God’s sake stop the pre-talk and let them start, they are the actual stars not the moderators

8:56 The candidates take the stage

8:53 Not really interested in the pre-debate panel

Hey there are people there this time

Ok time for Debate 2, my debate 1 commentary is here

This Saturday Aug 8th DaTechGuy returns to DaRadio to guest host Conservatively Speaking from 7 AM to 10 AM.

We’ll be talking the Debate & election 2016, Some planned Parenthood and the Iran deal.

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quick thoughts on the GOP debate(s)


Update:  Apparently the whole world agrees that Carly is the big winner:

She also beat Chris Matthews to a pulp

I think the MSNBC audience that heard that is now praying that she doesn’t end up the nominee or anywhere near the GOP ticket.

My advice to each candidate

Pataki:  Talk about 9/11 and Welfare numbers and stick with it.

Jim Gilmore:  You’ve got some solid answers you’ve got to project differently somehow

Rick Perry:  Texas Texas Texas, every answer to every question should be about your record on Texas even foreign policy.  It’s a great record grab it and run with it.

Rick Santorum:  Less record more 25 second summaries of positions

Lindsey Graham:  No more Tip O’Neill stuff Keep making your case for the war.  Remind the people that we’d rather have the enemy fighting the greatest army in the world then our local police

Bobby Jindal:  Keep pushing conservatism as you were, keep pushing religious freedom.

Carly Fiorina:  You know what you did this afternoon?  Keep doing it.  Don’t get distracted.

OK my verdict

1st Place: Carly Fiorina and it wasn’t close at all.
2nd Place: Bobby Jindal Some strong answers and memorable lines
3rd Place: Lindsey Graham A single issue candidate but pushed it really well
4th Place Rick Santorum Good performance but he should have used the line he did with me on Monday
5th Place: Rick Perry body language was horrible until he talked about Texas. Best Record of the group but just not presenting well
6th Place: Jim Gilmore Sounded like a 20th century man on a 21st century stage
7th Place: George Pataki I guess we’ll find out if all the MSM people are correct about the GOP needing to embrace Choice

Gilmore looks & sounds like a man outside of his time

Fair close by Pataki but not enough

Graham closes with both the war and working together.

Fiorina absolutely demolishes Clinton in her speech

Jindal’s Closing speech the best so far really nails Bush

Santorum close was not bad but not memorable

When Rick Perry talks about Texas he simply lights up, if he want to win he has to frame everything in terms of Texas.

The Clinton question Jindal, Santorum & Fiorina answer best.

Graham sticking with the war topic, it’s his strongest point

Pataki: Hard hiring freeze good answer

Jindal, Perry Santorum all knock the executive order question out of the park

Graham’s Planned Parenthood answer is excellent

Jindal: “Planned Parenthood had better hope Hillary Clinton wins this election.”

Pataki gives the Cuomo answer on abortion and invokes his faith, and I just ate.

4th break and the person helping themselves the most on this stage is Fiorina and I don’t think it’s close

Is there a rule that says all social issue questions go to Santorum?

Perry & Fiorina both answer question on Iran, both are correct but Fiorina does much better

Jindal declines to condemn Kasich by name but condemns his medicare expansion.

Graham is repeating the Clinton speak business “Clinton would be third term of a failed presidency”

Hey there are finally two people in the seats!

Fiorina leading after two commercials

Perry talks about the failure to secure border & lack of trust but somehow his body language seems wrong, does anyone else see it?

Santorum: On having to wait to get in “America was worth the wait”

Gilmore: “We’re got to prepare the American people for a long war.”

Fiorina: “China & Russia are using technology to attack us.”

Pataki compares radical Islamic mosques to fire in a theatre

Lindsey Graham we fight them there or here. Says if people are not willing to put boot on ground their not serious about fighting ISIL, he’s getting hit on twitter for saying ISIL instead of ISIS

“I didn’t get a phone call from Bill Clinton,”

First memorable statement from Fiorina

Opening statements: zzzzzzzzzz

By A.P. Dillon

In political races, fence riding by candidates is a given.  Hillary Clinton has been the mother of all fence riders so far, but her two videos that dropped on the same day earlier this week go beyond fence riding.

On her campaign site, Clinton launched “Dorothy“.  It’s an old timey flash back to her mom and her rough beginnings. The overarching theme Clinton uses here is that she’s in the presidential race for “the Dorothys”; she’s in it for the moms.

I watched the whole thing.  If campaign videos were ranked by Rotten Tomatoes, it wouldn’t have gotten past 10%.

The Dorothy video was stiff, insincere and tried way too hard to humanize Hillary to the extent it had the opposite effect. It made me ask, if her mom was this great person, what the Hell happened to Hillary?

Now, hopping over to YouTube, the Hillary Clinton drops a 2 minute long defense of Planned Parenthood.

Clinton tries to sell Planned Parenthood as a healthcare provider despite the fact they have just been exposed as operating a horrifying and illegal infant body part chop shop —  for profit.

What’s more, she tries to blame Republicans for being horrified and wanting public funding  stopped, stating “If this feels like a full on assault on women’s health, that’s because it is.”


Opposing public dollars to fund poking around in what looks like a slurry of infant body parts to find viable parts to sell is an assault on women’s health?

This video was purely political and in that two minutes she tags Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and Rick Perry for the apparent crime of valuing life.

Clinton goes from finding the CMP videos ‘disturbing‘ to defending Planned Parenthood within a 4 day window.

On Tuesday, a 5th video dropped, but I guess we should have expected this from a Margaret Sanger Award winner.

On Clinton’s campaign site for donations, Clinton is all about ‘moms’. On her YouTube channel, it’s all about defending an organization makes sure that hundreds of thousands of women each year do not become moms.

Is the media worried about this appalling mixed message? No, just about Clinton’s “performance” in the videos.

DM7 small LL1885A.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder of
Her current and past writing can also be found at IJ Review,, and Watchdog Wire NC.
Catch her on Twitter: @LadyLiberty1885

I speak to author John Desjarlais at the Catholic Marketing Trade Show

His website is here His facebook page is here, his twitter page is here

Ok so tonight are two debates (I say debates because there are two of them) and because there are two debates there are going to be two different dynamics.

1 All these people are accomplished .

While the MSM will be looking for individual gaffes the reality is they are all or have been at the top of their particular fields. There are only 100 senators or 50 governors at a time and these people are at the top of them. As for Caron , Fiorina & Trump they have all risen to the top as well.

This is a reality that the “debate” will not change.

2. The “JV” debate will be substantive & Important

While there will be a larger and broader audience for the main debate the first debate will still draw press and the people most likely to show up to vote in the primaries. Furthermore the debate 1 crowd will be able to throw a punch at the first crowd without having to answer a counter and with the limited time for everyone they might not be included to “punch down” to debate 2 from the debate 1 stage

3. The 2nd debate will have a bigger and different audience

The Trump debate (and let’s be fair that’s what it has become) is going to draw a bunch of people who never ever watch presidential debates, particularly in a primary. That means there are two dynamics. If you are Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker or any of the people not named Bush or trump you have the chance to define yourself to this audience before the press defines you. Trump’s job has to be entertaining while making points, and Bush has to be something other than a Bush.

4. There will be Broad agreement on issues

On the big issues, Iran, Obamacare, the Economy, planned parenthood there is going to be a lot of agreement the real question is going to be how can people say the same thing in a way that sticks out.  It’s here when Ted Cruz has a huge advantage because his entire stump speech is based on such agreement and is designed to put the rest of the field on the spot.

5. The missing Paul / Graham moment.

The two candidates who have the biggest contrast in the debate will not be on the stage together. Rand Paul & Lindsey Graham. Before the rise of Trump this was going to be THE debate moment. Graham is the ultimate interventionist Paul is the ultimate isolationist. Expect Graham to throw a punch in debate one that Paul may feel the need to answer.  For Paul it’s going to be a bit of a tightrope to hit ISIS while not losing his base.

In the end my gut tells me this debate is a lot less important that people think, the only effect it might have is this. If somebody blows it big enough that a big pac supporter decides to jump.  I think a lot of people are not going to decide till the very last-minute so it will be the last debate that matters not the first.  I think the only candidate you this debate is vital to is Rick Perry because he has been classified as “2nd tier” if he doesn’t do than he will be out faster than he was the last time.