The Trump boom goes, well, boom

By Steve Eggleston

“Oh yeah? Well I speak loud! And I carry a bigger stick! And I use it too! (WHAP!)”

– Yosemite Sam, “Ballot Box Bunny”

“A chicken? Of course not. Do you think I’d let a chicken do that to me? That’s just a loud-mouthed schnook”

-Grandpa Hawk, “The Foghorn Leghorn”

Normally at this time of the month, I would be recapping the jobs report. For those of you looking for that, as Ed Morrissey was busy at the Red State Gathering, I covered that for Hot Air yesterday.

The front-runner for the Republican Party nomination for President, Donald Trump, decided to prove he isn’t serious about actually becoming President. In a sense, that is a shame. More than 6 years after Rick Santelli talked about throwing tea into Lake Michigan over the failures of what I’ve come to call the bipartisan Party-In-Government, nothing really has changed in Washington. It still is a singular bipartisan Party-In-Government running things, and not in a conservative or small-government manner. Some of those we sent to DC to shake things up (I’m looking at you, Senators Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio) have been subsumed by the beast.

Even though there were already candidates for the 2016 Republican nomination from across the right-of-Che spectrum, including a number who can credibly tap into the disgust with the PIG from the right, Trump decided, unlike in the 2012 cycle, to jump in this time after consulting with the husband of the putative Democrat front-runner. He came in with three things – a hatred of Barack Obama (something shared by the candidates not named Chris Christie), a flip to a secure border and limits on immigration (with a more-recent flop back to inviting most of the non-Mexicans through the classy door in his yuge wall), and a loud mouth (something nobody else brings to the table).

It was that loud mouth that got Trump to the front of the field. It kept him there as his rather-questionable political past, including donating more boatloads of money to the Democrats, and especially the Clintons, began to come out. It even served him well as he began to verbally assault every faction of the Republican Party as “insiders”.

Then he ran into Megyn Kelly, who filled the role of Candy Crowley quite capably at the “adult-table” GOP “debate” on Thursday. She gave the proverbial “gotcha” questions to everybody whose first names did not begin with “Jeb” or “John”, yet everybody except Trump handled the treatment any candidate with the “R” behind his or her name receives from the rest of the Democrat Presstitute Organs in any given general election. Trump may have thought he was going to recreate the moment that Newt Gingrich had in 2012 when he attacked the premise of the questions he was getting in a debate during that Presidential campaign, but instead of merely attacking the premise, he went personal.

Of course, none of that matters to the still-substantial portion of Trump’s support whose sole mission in life is the destruction of the GOP to make the US a true one-party country. It’s becoming clear that is a goal Trump shares.

Update DTG: I have to disagree with Steve’s conclusion, my rebuttal is here.