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Black Lives MatterBy John Ruberry

We are now firmly within the Screeching Age of political discourse. Last month at the leftist NetRoots convention, Black Lives Matters activists shouted down two Democratic presidential candidates, former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, as they tried to speak to an audience that was already sympathetic to the protesters’ stance. A few screamers went a step further with O’Malley by walking up to the podium and seizing his microphone. O’Malley tried to soothe the protesters by declaring “black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.” Amazingly, O’Malley was booed–and the poltroon later apologized for saying “all lives matter.”

Say what you will about Donald Trump’s demeanor–but he speaks when it is his turn and he didn’t attempt to shout down his nine opponents during last week’s Republican presidential debate.

Yesterday in Seattle it was Sanders’ turn to have his microphone snatched in front of him by Black Lives Matter radicals. Rather than have the boors removed from the stage, a man who I believe was a Sanders staffer offered the screechers the opportunity to speak after the senator had finished–but the protesters refused to wait their improvised turn. Instead, Sanders ended his speech before he began it.

Can you imagine Martin Luther King acting in the manner of these protesters?

As for Sanders and O’Malley–do they have the resolve to defend our nation as commander-in-chief? I’m not so sure, since neither man seems to have the stomach to even defend the stage they are standing on.

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Oh and I read The Well,  it’s really good.

General Smith: Frankly, George, you’re on probation. Take my advice and behave yourself. Remember your worst enemy is your own big mouth.

Patton 1970

It’s a very rare thing that I disagree with one of my own Magnificent Seven Writers in print on the blog, particularly one that I’ve known as long as the excellent Steve Eggleston (who you should read every chance you get). But I have to say that his piece: the Trump Boom goes…well boom is incorrect in its conclusion.

Mind you most of his arguments are good ones. He is correct about the GOP and the single “Washington” party and that some candidates specifically sent to fight the “Washington” Party joined it.

Furthermore he is correct that there are several candidates who are specifically running against this Washington Cartel (Ted Cruz comes instantly to mind) pledged to fight it.

Nor is his basic description of Donald Trump’s flip-flops or “Big Mouth” inaccurate. Of the two I think the flip-flops deserves the most scrutiny by GOP primary voters.

However as to his final conclusion implied by the title “The Trump Boomlet goes Boom.” I can’t subscribe to that for several reasons:

#1. Trump’s audience is not solely the basic political geek, (folks like me and you, the readers of this blog) Trump has a wider audience well beyond it as evidenced by the rating numbers on the first debate.

#2 Yesterday I guest hosted Conservatively Speaking on WCRN AM 8:30 from 7 AM till 10 AM. We got a flock of callers and they were willing to let it go. They saw it as no more than a minor gaffe.

#3 Finally while I and others (Most notably Erick Erickson) have said Trump owes Megyn Kelly an apology for the “blood from wherever” remark”, most of Trumps supporters are letting it go because:

a) The believe Kelly was going after him unfairly (actually the whole gang targeted him)

b) The see a double standard in how GOP candidates are treated vs Dems on remarks (there is, see Biden Joe)

c) They see a double standard that women in political demand equality but also demand the old chivalrous standards (that’s true)

But most important is this one

d) They have seen Trump over the years and figure this is just the way he is, (again see Democrats/ media & the VP Joe being Joe) To them this is just Trump being Trump.

I strongly suspect the people most objecting to Trump words do not have him included in their top five picks out of the GOP field (full disclosure neither do I my top five in alphabetical order are Cruz, Fiorina, Jindal, Santorum and Walker with Carson knocking at the door VERY loudly)

There are solid reasons to oppose Trump in the primary:

It’s a very valid argument that if nominated Donald Trumps big mouth could cause trouble, but frankly his remarks give the GOP great chances for counterpunches to Hillary Clinton and the Dems like this:

It’s further true that GOP primary voter should take a close look at Trump filp flop before considering him. As a senator once said to another party switcher Wendell Willkie who became the GOP nominee:

“Well Wendell you know back home in Indiana it’s all right if the town whore joins the church but they don’t ask her to lead the choir on the first night.”

or as Reagan put it: “Trust but verify”.

And of course there are excellent alternatives (Cruz, Fiorina, Jindal, Santorum, Walker and Carson for example).

But based on who Trumps base is, their expectations of him, and the reactions I’ve seen, I see absolutely no reason why this latest gaffe will cost him the lead in the GOP field at least not at this time. In fact the combined attacks on him has an excellent chance to increase his lead further.

The Trump supporters are echoing the opinion of Abe Lincoln who was warned by his staff that John Pope who he was thinking of making head of the Army of the Potomac was a liar and braggart. He answered.

In fact I knew his family back in Illinois. All the Popes were liars and braggarts. I see no particular reason why a liar and a braggart shouldn’t make a good general.

It wasn’t until Pope was decisively beaten by Robert E Lee that Lincoln replaced him.

It’s the same with Trump. If the Trump supporters are to change their allegiance I suspect it will only be when another candidate beats him, not before.

(I still think he should apologize for the “blood from wherever” remark, it’s the right thing to do and one should do the right thing even if one’s foes take joy in it.)

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