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Tim Imholt at DaTechguy on Tuesday:

Debt. Our national debt may be what has driven this. Could it be that the Russians and the Chinese threatened to dump US debt quickly for pennies on the dollar if we didn’t go along with it?

Hmmm. Perhaps.

The federal government currently is roughly $18 Trillion in debt. That’s a lot of zeroes. Put another way that is $18,000,000,000,000 in debt (give or take).

We currently owe China $1.2T.

With Russia it isn’t nearly as bad its only $115B.

Combined that is over $1.3T.

If they dumped that much in US debt on the market at 50 cents on the dollar our economy would go into a tailspin like no other. The US dollar would have almost no value internationally and we would be in a worse place than ever before.

Glenn Beck at the Blaze

Glenn Beck is shocked that Secretary of State John Kerry said if the Iran nuclear deal doesn’t go through, the American dollar may cease to be the reserve currency of the world.

“Where is the media asking, ‘What the hell does that even mean?’” Beck demanded on his radio program Thursday. “How do you make that leap?’”

Kerry was speaking at a Reuters event when he warned that if the deal doesn’t pass, “That is a recipe very quickly, my friends, business people here, for the American dollar to cease to be the reserve currency of the world – which is already bubbling out there.”

Right wing news Friday:

The threat of losing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency doesn’t come from not following through on the Iran deal, of course – unless it’s a straw that breaks the camel’s back among the many examples of nonexistent or feckless American leadership on the world stage thanks to the Obama administration’s managed national decline.

It comes from two things – an increasingly powerful and hostile axis between the Chinese, Russians and now Iranians, and an increasing unease on the part of world markets with the gargantuan size of our national debt.

The lesson: always read DaTechguyblog first.

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Havana today for the opening of the U.S. Embassy. The headlines are joyful (Kerry to See U.S. Flag Fly Over Cuba Embassy After 54 Years) and call it “a new day.”

Politico is even giving Communist dictator Raul Castro, Obama’s favorite Castro, a tongue-bath, exulting over

the remarkable political transformation of Raúl Castro—a zealot communist (and unrepentant Stalinist) throughout the 1970s who has morphed into a formidable agent of change

Politico’s “formidable agent of change” – not your everyday agent of change, mind you, but a formidable one –  actually spelled out last December that there will be no change:

Castro rejected that idea in his address to the twice-annual meeting of the National Assembly, saying “we must not expect that in order for relations with the United States to improve, Cuba will abandon the ideas that it has struggled for.”

It’s not only the ideas; writer Humberto Fontova tells IBD that Castro, frankly, owns everything in Cuba. That won’t change.

Few realize that Cuban dissident organizations report a sharp increase in repression throughout the island of Cuba, and especially in Havana. All dissidents are excluded from the Embassy event.

The WaPo editorial explains,

Mr. Kerry has decided to omit the very people in Cuba who embody the values that the American flag represents: human dignity, the wisdom of the individual above the state and free access to basic rights of expression in speech, assembly and thought. These people — the dissidents in Cuba who have fought tirelessly for democracy and human rights, and who continue to suffer regular beatings and arrests — will not be witnesses to the flag-raising. They were not invited.

The official U.S. explanation for excluding the dissidents is that the flag-raising ceremony is a government-to-government affair. This is lame. Inviting the dissidents would be a demonstration to Raúl and Fidel Castro of what the flag stands for: people freely choosing their leaders, a pluralism of views and a public engaging in the institutions and traditions of a healthy civil society. Not inviting them is a sorry tip of the hat to what the Castros so vividly stand for: diktat, statism, control and rule by fear.

The real reason why Kerry is not inviting Cuban dissidents to the flag-raising event is because the Castro regime doesn’t want them there — and the Obama Administration has shamefully acquiesced. In return, the U.S. got . . . nothing.

Next on the list: Iran.


Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

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Fletcher: Your Honor, I object!
Judge Stevens: And why is that, Mr. Reid?
Fletcher: Because it’s devastating to my case.

Liar Liar 1997

The Hillary Clinton campaign is not very happy with Judicial Watch: (emphasis in original)


No, because you have to remember Judicial Watch is a partisan group that has been suing Democrats, me in particular, for twenty years. Anything that they can sue over to create partisan advantage, they do. The facts are very clear here. I did turn over all work-related e-mails in an effort to help the State Department make sure that their records were complete. And those are the facts. Now that doesn’t mean I will ever convince these partisans who are, you know, trying to make all sorts of allegations. But I think the American people understand that.


Alas poor Hillary that’s her whole problem, the American people understand this scandal completely:


The American people, because have friends or family either have worked in government or know someone who has, understand there are rules about handling government and classified documents.

The American People, because they use email and smart phones on a regular basis, understand you can have more than one email account go to a phone.

The American People, because they use thumb & memory drives that can hold dozens of gigs of data and see them for sale in the checkout lines of any Walmart or Staples,   understand how easy it is to  get a thumb drive for backup

The American People, because they and their children do it themselves with camera cards and thumb drives, understand it only take seconds to give the command to copy even 50,000 emails files  from a folder to an external drive and just minutes for such a copy to complete.

The American People, because they have home printers, understand it takes hours or days to print out 50,000 pages of emails.

The American People, because they search for music, emails and pictures every day, understand the difference between searching a thumb drive vs leaving through 50,000 pages of email.

The American People, because they are not stupid, understand when you finally turn over email servers that the FBI has requested, and it turns out to be as her lawyer put it ” blank”, it’s not a coincidence.


That the rub, many political scandals involve complicated rules and laws that the American people either do not understand or have no interest in understanding that’s why a clever pol with the media behind them can usually get away with things.

This scandal however involves things that most Americans work with every day.  They don’t need it explained to them, which is why when the American people see Hillary lawyering up or try to explain away this scandal, they understand she is lying to their faces.

Democrat operatives understand this too, that’s why they are, as the Hill put it in in near panic mode:

“I’m not sure they completely understand the credibility they are losing, by the second,” said one Democratic strategist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “At some point this goes from being something you can rationalize away to something that becomes political cancer. And we are getting pretty close to the cancer stage, because this is starting to get ridiculous.”

That’s the problem for the Democrats, they are losing credibility because the American People understand.



Update:   The American people may not understand the intricacies of 18 USC 1924

For purposes of 18 USC 1924, that’s irrelevant; the server was put in place by Hillary Clinton, owned by her, and located in her house. If any classified material went through it, Hillary Clinton is as legally responsible for retaining it illegally as her aides would have been for transmitting it, and just the retention is a crime. But if Hillary didn’t send or receive it, who did? No wonder Huma’s lawyering up, although she might want to rethink the idea of keeping a former Clinton aide on the team.

but they understand than when you lawyer up, it’s not because things are going well.

Update 2: Something else the American People likely get:

Every security expert I know of has said it’s a virtual certainty the Chinese and Russians both gained access to her server and all her emails. From what I know about their capabilities, I’d agree.

What’s really amazing about that statement is there are people who know and understand this, yet still want her in the White House.

Update 3:  Old Friend NeoNeocon explains my last line from update 2 in answer to my post:

One of those three stated at the outset that Hillary was way too moderate for her and she was a Sanders supporter anyway. Another shrugged and said that Hillary was being framed by Republicans who were always making stuff up about her and were out to get her. I asked her what she would think, however, if the charges turned out to be true, and she answered that everybody does it and it’s no big deal. When I asked her if she worried about national security considerations, she didn’t seem to think that was any big deal or anything unusual. She then explained that she herself has two email addresses, one for work and one for personal use, and sometimes she makes an error and sends something official on her personal email. She was likening Hillary’s actions to her own—just a careless, understandable error. When I pointed out that Hillary had a much higher level of responsibility, she didn’t seem to think so, or if so it just didn’t concern her.

She talked to four people on the subject, and the final tally?

So we have one out of four who even seems to care about the emails or find them the least bit alarming. Not a great record, and I bet it’s representative.

I bet she’s right.  Many of our friends on the left do not want to oppose Hillary.  If you are looking for an excuse to dismiss something you’re going to find it.

Update 4: This is not a bug it’s a feature

By having cleaned the hard disk on which all of the important activity took place, Clinton could well have impeded the FBI’s investigation, and thereby rendered it impossible for the federal government to learn what she has been up to.


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