One among many lies on which the Obama administration bases its foreign policy:

Last Friday, Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla brazenly lied about Cuba and insulted the U.S. during his joint press conference with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (my translation):

“Cuba is not a place where there is racial discrimination, police brutality, or where deaths occur from these issues. Neither is under Cuban jurisdiction the territory where people are tortured or held in legal limbo.”

Kerry (the haughty, French-looking Massachusetts Democrat, who by the way served in Vietnam) – likely dreaming of a Nobel Peace Prize, stood there like patience on a statue and took it, oblivious to the facts.

Let’s hear the facts from Cuban dissident Armando Valladares:

I spent eight of my ensuing 22 years in Castro’s jails naked and in solitary confinement because I refused to wear a prison uniform. I was a conscientious objector, and the regime wanted to mark me as a common criminal.

The final cries of my friends at the execution wall that drifted through my cell window, when I had one, became a sort of refrain for the Castro regime, until the government realized that gagging and silencing them before they died sent a more powerful message. I saw countless friends tortured and executed for protesting a government that still crushes the people of Cuba under its boot.

Valladares’s crime? Refusing to say. “I’m with Fidel.”

As for the rest of Rodriguez’s statement, For Blacks in Cuba, the Revolution Hasn’t Begun; More than 200 Cuban dissidents arrested on 18th straight Sunday of repression, Aug. 16, 2015; Days after a beating by a mob, Laura Pollán fell ill and soon died. She was cremated two hours later.

But we are expected to believe Cuban propaganda.

Valladares asserts that

The regime was built on the blood of dissidents like those the U.S. now avoids acknowledging.

That is the truth.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news and culture at Fausta’s Blog.


The final part of a three part piece on the Donald Trump event in Derry. Part one: The Pros and Semi Pros is here, Part 2: The People, is here.

By the time I was done with the other interviews the press room was full
IMG_0290 The still cameras were everywhere, Fox was set up for their 6 PM news cast and familar faces from local to national media were everywhere to be seen.

I spent my time copying my video to the laptop and I had an interesting conversation with a photographer who was preparing to stand on a chair next to me for the best possible angle, on how freelance photography works. Since there was no access to the wireless network of the school and it turned out even wired the school’s security blocked me out (which speaks well for the school actually) uploading would have to wait. By the time we got the 10 minute warning my best camera was on my monopod, new batteries were in the backup camera and I had my microphone set up recording in audacity, although because there was no sound system it turned out I didn’t pick up much sound.


When Mr. Trump came in he went right to questions and it was clearly apparent that the press corps was loaded for bear.

As you might know I generally don’t like to operate in the press scrum. They tend to basically hunt like wolves trying to tear down a bear and you have to fight to get in a question.

The first question was what to ask? On my way to a venue a person asked me to inquire about Trump as Commander in Chief but Fox’s Iraq question handled that to some degree. Further while I’d like to talk to Mr. Trump about appointments, since a President needs to delegate to a large degree, the setting was not conducive for the proper follow-up that question would entail.

So I decided to use the interviews I conducted earlier as a basis for the question I’d try to ask. As the questions seemed to be all about knocking down it would be an excellent contrast.

As for getting the question as Mr. Trump had never met me raising a hand wouldn’t do, so I found the only way to hope to get a question is was to just ask it without stopping in the hope he would take it

He Did

The bad news was I was forced to use my backup camera as the lithium ion battery on my primary one was so low it started shutting off. The good news was Mr. Trump was so shocked at getting a question that was not intended to be an attack that he actually commented on it:

“I love that question, What a good guy. Who are you?” then pointing to one of the reporters in the front. “Why can’t you ask me a question like that?”

After Mr. Trump finished we were led to the main room. To my knowledge I wasn’t guaranteed a spot there but as soon as I packed up I followed along, to the main hall. It was packed:

The press was in a few rectangular areas between the two sections. With my primary camera down I figured other than his entrance I’d save my other shots for the Q & A and spoke a bit to some of the people I’d interviewed. When he entered the crowd went wild.

While Trump threw some heavy punches at the press the speech was pretty much the same speech he’s been giving so I figured the main event would be the Q & A so I recorded the first question

But I didn’t like the shot, you couldn’t really see him well so what I did instead was use my USB Microphone to record the audio of the rest of the speech, here. Because of he excellent sound system although I was far from the stage it came in clear.

There was a rush toward the stage but unfortunately for me that’s when I noticed my car keys missing. In the end I was able to find them in a different building but by that time Trump had left the building.

It will be interesting to see what happens with his next event in the state? Will it draw a different audience, will familiar political faces (that I didn’t see many of here) show up, or will it basically be “Trump Groupies”

If it’s the former then there is no reason to think Trump has reached his ceiling, if it’s the 2nd then it will mean a paradigm shift, if it’s the latter than Trump has a ceiling and he will have to be clever to parlay that to the nomination.

Whatever the result it won’t be boring.


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