The rise of the “stable” economy

By Steve Eggleston

I’ve been struggling to understand why the Left is happy with the worst post-recession recovery since before the Great Depression. Then I happened upon this MacIver Institute story on a Milwaukee Area Technical College economics professor who also is the director of the local chapter of something called the Center of the Advancement of the Steady State Economy while catching up on my e-mail before crossing into Canada for my annual Canadian fishing trip.

Everything the Left, and especially Barack Obama, has done and called for in the last several years suddenly clicked when I read over MacIver’s reporting on CAASE. The cornerstone of this vision “truly green economy” is a “stabilized” population. Given the human drive to procreate, guess what needs to be heavily utilized to have zero population growth. If you said “abortion on demand”, give yourself a pat on the back.

That, however, is but a small part of what Obama calls a “fundamental transformation”. Another key element is both a mandated minimum and a mandated maximum income. Any wonder why there’s both a push for a $15/hour minimum wage and a war on “unequal” CEO pay?

CAASE also calls for a 30-hour workweek. Not at all coincidentally, that is the PlaceboCare definition of “full time”.

Small, densely-populated cities (which, ironically, is the primary cause of any human-derived change in climate in the form of the urban heat island) with bicycles as the primary mode of individual transportation is also a goal of CAASE. It isn’t exactly a coincidence that a key feature in new street construction is dedicated bicycle lanes.