Of Baal And Bailiwicks

Well hello there, DaTechGuy devotees! I'm Jerry Wilson, sporadic blogger at Goldfish and Clowns, far more frequent host of Cephas Hour on BlackLight Radio, author of God's Not Dead (And Neither Are We), and all-around nice guy. Or something like that. First, my thanks to Peter for allowing me to start posting here on occasion. … Continue reading Of Baal And Bailiwicks

The “experts” are wrong on Trump

By John Ruberry "What in hell do the experts know?" is something that Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley often said to his friends according to legendary Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko. The experts often lampooned the last machine boss, but despite his flaws--which included prickly relations with the city's rapidly expanding black population--he knew how to … Continue reading The “experts” are wrong on Trump

Planned Parenthood Fitchburg Protest 8-22-15

Yesterday all over the country protests took place at Planned parenthood locations highlighting the horrors that we've seen from the planned parenthood videos that have been released not only selling organs of children but revealing the slaying of born alive children to get bit of them for profit. In Massachusetts while there were large protests … Continue reading Planned Parenthood Fitchburg Protest 8-22-15