Jesus went on to say, “To what, then, can I compare the people of this generation? What are they like? They are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling out to each other:

“‘We played the pipe for you,
and you did not dance;
we sang a dirge,
and you did not cry.’

Luke 7:31-32

Referring back to the last post, Trump Derangement Syndrome rampages on, barely checked by the presently rampaging horrors of newspeople murdered on live television, the ongoing massacres by ISIS, and the looming threat of the Iran nuclear surrender. It is one thing to state that Trump is not the answer; hurling incessant insults at those who support him and clogging social media’s arteries with three hundred and eighty-five variations a day of “TRUMP IS A POOPYHEAD AND SO ARE HIS MINIONS!” seemingly never gets old for those who choose blithe ignorance or endless excuses for Congress’ either caving or being inactive in regard to most every major issue conservatives hold dear – the economy, national debt, illegal immigration, governmental invasion of privacy and violation of rights motivated by political opposition, defunding Planned Parenthood, the aforementioned ISIS and Iran nuclear surrender, etc.

It would be productive if Trump bashers were one-tenth of one percent as proactive in detailing solutions to problems as they are, well, bashing. There is no problem with detailing why Trump is a less than ideal candidate, or should not hold the highest office in the land. Make your case; agree to disagree if need be. That said, at some point in the process it becomes necessary to state what, and who, you are for if your words are to carry any weight. Opposition alone is not a strategy any more than hope and change is a policy platform. What do you suggest in lieu of Trump? What do you propose to handle a Congress ostensibly in conservative hands yet routinely either giving in to Obama’s demands or proposing the exact opposite of what they promised in order to ensure conservative support? If we, the unwashed uneducated ill-informed banana slug brained masses own Trump, does the GOP Smart Set own Mitch McConnell and John Boehner?

Where is the shared humanity in the GOP’s desperate effort to purge itself of all things and people Tea Party? Where is the common bond, other than trampled underfoot, between those who wish to be conservative new media leaders and the people they openly deride and despise for having the temerity to support one not approved by the echo chamber’s high rollers? Instead, we see insults, cheap shots, and cries of “if you support Trump unfriend me right now!” Really now.

It is impossible to see the present kerfuffle without flashing back four years to when the conservative new media high rollers mercilessly derided and taunted Sarah Palin supporters when she decided against running. The opposition was pointed and personal against her and her posse. It was also utterly ineffective in accomplishing anything except revealing how many CNMers had zero problem showing their ass in public when it came time to throwing a poorly disguised temper tantrum over how Palin’s popularity revealed their complete impotence in moving public opinion. Now we are seeing the same phenomenon in Trump rolling from strength to strength even as the voices crying against him grow ever more shrill.

The time has come to give this a rest. Conservative new media is in great peril of becoming contemporary political Pharisees. No, I am not comparing Trump to Jesus. I am comparing the reaction to him with the Pharisees’ reaction to Christ when He called them out for demanding of others strict adherence to the letter of the law, namely Mosaic Law, while themselves lapping up adulation and praise for outwardly being living puritanical lights yet inwardly consumed with pride and greed. If there is no respect for others, no acknowledgment of that which binds us together, how can there be leadership when the ones who purport to lead openly despise those they wish to lead?

We have far too much in common to let our opinion of Trump irrevocably divide us. On this truth we must act.

U of I student union, Urbana
U of I student union, Urbana

By John Ruberry

Once again my alma mater, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is back in the national spotlight–and not for a good reason.

The state’s flagship university and its corrupt political apparatus are a worthy match for each other.

On Friday the head football coach of the Fighting Illini, the inept Tim Beckman, was fired one week before the team’s season opener after a preliminary outside report confirmed allegations that Beckman forced his student-athletes to play while hurt.

Here’s a unique twist–because Beckman, who was 12-25 in his three years at Illinois, was fired with cause, the athletic department won’t pay for the remaining two years of his contract.

It’s not just football.

This spring an assistant coach of the Illini women’s basketball team, Mike Divilbiss, resigned after charges became public that he and the head coach verbally harassed players and held segregated practices–one for whites and the other for blacks. Divibliss received a payout.

In June a former women’s soccer player for the Illini, Casey Conine, filed a suit claiming that she was cleared to play after suffering a third concussion.

illinois lawyersAt the center of the sports mess is Illinois’ athletic director, Mike Thomas, who hired Beckman in 2011. Thomas announced Beckman’s dismissal at a press conference where he described his department as “a wonderful place full of wonderful people.” Possibly the only reason Thomas still has a job is that the woman who hired him, university chancellor Phyllis Wise, was sort-of fired earlier this month–are you reading this, Hillary Clinton?–after she was caught using a private email service to discuss sensitive and embarrassing U of I matters. Wise’s payout bonus was denied–but she will be working in a different capacity at the university. The second-in-command at Illinois–Provost Ilesanmi Adesida–announced his resignation last week. Yes, he used a personal email service to conduct university business too.

Last year in this space I wrote about the rehiring as of a convicted murderer and a former Symbionese Liberation Army terrorist at Urbana-Champaign, James Kilgore, as an adjunct professor. The SLA controversy was one of the discussion points in those no longer private emails.

Four of the last nine elected Illinois governors have served time in federal prison. Clearly the state’s rotten political apparatus and its premier college deserve each other.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

market basket 008Yesterday we were in need of some groceries so I stopped by the Market Basket down the road from my house, bought what I needed, picked up a bargain or two that was on sale and then left.

That story would normally not be blog or tweet worthy, but the fact is one year ago there was a real question if Market Basket as a company would survive. Even after Arthur T and the workers won the hit the store took combined with the debt needed for the purchase was in question.

So Saturday when I visited I took my camera to see exactly what was going on.

And talked to two employees about the strike and aftermath.

Now a job at a supermarket is not one that’s very exciting but when you are facing the loss of a job or the knowledge that you’re going to be paying more every single week for your food. A boring day at the market becomes something to be appreciated.

Be thankful for boring times, because it’s exciting times when the trouble comes.