The Democrat Iran “Killstarter” Campaign

Last month at St. Anselm College Rick Santorum said this about the Iran Deal:

Here’s what I would say is that everybody who votes against this resolution and votes for the Iran deal, everybody who votes for the Iran deal owns everything Iran gonna do from this point forward. If you feel comfortable that this deal will do what the President says, you go and vote for it, but if you don’t if you know and I can’t imagine anyone whose watched Iran for any length of time knows Iran’s not going to keep this deal they’re going to pursue a nuclear weapon and they’ll probably be a nuclear power within in a very short period of time under this deal. You’re going to own that and you’re going to take responsibility for everything that happens.“

Yesterday in Hollis NH Ted Cruz put it more succinctly:

If this deal goes through the Obama Administration, quite literally become the World’s leading financier of Radical Islamic Terror

But with apologies to my two favorite candidates Senator Cruz and Senator Santorum I think even they can’t explain the danger as well as this video does:

Via the comments at Elder of Ziyon

This is likely why Debbie Wasserman Schultz was smart enough not to call for a formal vote supporting the president at the last Democrat confab It strikes too close to home.


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