Of course, there is nothing new about this kind of civil disobedience. It was evidenced sublimely in the refusal of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to obey the laws of Nebuchadnezzar, on the ground that a higher moral law was at stake. It was practiced superbly by the early Christians, who were willing to face hungry lions and the excruciating pain of chopping blocks rather than submit to certain unjust laws of the Roman Empire. To a degree, academic freedom is a reality today because Socrates practiced civil disobedience. In our own nation, the Boston Tea Party represented a massive act of civil disobedience.

Martin Luther King Letter from a Birmingham Jail 1963

I John Brown, am now quite certain that the sins of this nation can only be purged with blood.

John Brown in a note handed to his jailer as he was being led to his hanging 1859

A few days ago, just after her release from jail Kim Davis was given an offer that was…interesting.

In this video, Stewart Rhodes and some of the Oath Keepers national and local leadership discuss the real issues behind what is happening in Rowan County, Kentucky. We have had boots on the ground there since last week and will continue to have a presence. Stewart Rhodes reached out personally to Davis’s legal counsel to offer protection to Kim, to ensure that she will not be illegally detained again. We would like to stress in the strongest terms possible that we are doing this not because of her views on gay marriage, but because she is an elected public servant who has been illegally arrested and held without due process.

Even assuming the absolute best of intention on behalf of the Oath keepers accepting their offer would have been the absolutely worst decision that Kim Davis could have made.

Kim Davis’ actions, liberal protestations to the contrary not withstanding, are not only a classic example of civil disobedience but in the best traditions of the early saints who were willing to suffer for the sake of the word.

Consider her words upon unexpectedly being released from jail:

Regardless of the event (planned before anyone knew she was going to be released) with its political overtones (including using some good old-fashioned muscle employed by the Huckabee team to keep Ted Cruz off that stage with Davis) Kim’s Davis’ entire speech was about God and serving him and thanks and love for her supporters.

No critique of the judge, no anger over her imprisonment, no fancy words about the political irony of a bunch of Republicans defending an elected democrat. No talk about the likelihood of her being re-imprisoned. Everything completely consistent with the dignity of the stand she took for the sake of her soul and others.

Given her situation the offer of armed protection must have been attractive, she has been vilified and hated not only by the left for her principled stand but by some on the right objecting to her civil disobedience on law and order grounds. How easy would it have been for her to accept this offer of protection. How comforting might it have been to know people considered her so important they were willing to fight for her. How tempting.

I’m pleased to say she did not give into this temptation:

Oath Keepers has been contacted by Kim Davis’ legal team at Liberty Counsel, and they have, on her behalf, declined our offer of assistance in protecting her from a possible repeat incarceration by Federal District Court judge David Bunning. We will, of course, respect her wishes, and are hereby issuing a stand-down for our security volunteers who were planning on deploying to Morehead, Kentucky on Monday.

The taking of this officer would have been transformative. Suddenly instead of her being a Christian martyr for her soul and others she would have set up a possible armed confrontation between the Oath Keepers and federal marshals, a confrontation that would have ended badly and could have ended in bloodshed, and given the state of division in the country at this time, who knows what might happen next?

So given the choice to be John Brown or Martin Luther King she has chosen King. I think it was the right choice.


“It is altogether fitting and proper,” a phrase from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, comes to mind on this day.

Three thousand died on September 11, 2001, among them a father and a son, Joseph Angelini and Joe Angelini, Jr., both Firefighters. I never met them, but, for as long as I am able to blog, I will post their obituaries at my blog on this date. A brother, Firefighter Michael Angelini, was on duty as well, but, in a move that probably saved his life, left when asked to help carry out the body of the Rev. Mychal Judge, the Fire Department’s chaplain.

Many died from injuries related to the rescue effort. Untold thousands still are directly affected by this unspeakable atrocity.

I went through the World Trade Center every workday from 1979 to 1985. On September 11, 2001, sixteen years after I stopped commuting to New York City, I was forty miles away. The events of that day changed my life.

Now, on the fourteenth anniversary of the second attack at the World Trade Center (the first one, in 1993, killed six people and injured more than 1,000), we must examine a Prediction From the Grave (emphasis added):

Very few would have predicted on September 11, 2001 that the headlines 14 years later would feature an American president arming Iran; that there would be millions of Middle Eastern Arabs flooding into the heart of Europe. Or Saudi Arabia, while refusing to accept any refugees from an Islamic civil war in Syria, would instead offer to build 200 mosques in Germany, one for every hundred who has arrived to spare the Germans the trouble and expense of building the mosques themselves.

Few could have imagined that rail and road transport from Hungary to Germany would be interrupted to hold back floods of people in numbers unseen since World War 2. Not many would have guessed that the Palestinian flag would fly over the UN in New York, despite the objection of the United States.

Hardly anyone would have foretold the return of the Russia to the Middle East, spearheaded by a legion of forces who had honed their skill at “hybrid warfare” — then and unknown term — in Ukraine. Not just anyone mind you, but as Michael Weiss in the Daily Beast notes, “the Kremlin isn’t sending just any troops to prop up the Assad regime. It’s dispatching units that spearheaded Russia’s slow-rolling invasion of Ukraine.”

Except one man: Osama bin Laden.

. . .

Bin Laden knew that the weakness of the West lay, not in it’s armed forces, technology or economy, but in the alienation of its own elites.

You must read Richard Fernandez’s post in full. He eloquently explores in depth what my friend Maggie Petito stated in the first email I opened this morning: “Obama has declared on 9-11-15 that his pro-Iran Deal, aiding Jihadist terror is done. It is altogether fitting that we sharply remember the dead of 9-11 from Muslim Jihadists.”

It is, altogether, fitting, and proper, that we must.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin America politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

In fact they didn’t just destroy them, they occupied them with a military force that remains to this day which not only forced cultural changes to prevent them from being a threat to the civilized world but led them to become on of the richest , most technologically advanced and civilized places in the entire world.

It’s a good thing too because if my father’s Generation treated Pearl Harbor the way we treat 9/11 Not only would Japan still hold a Pacific Empire including China, Korea the Philippines, Indochina and Singapore, their military ruling it under an iron fist that would make the likes of Mao & the Kims of North Korea blush but they would still be a threat to us today.

So you’ll pardon me but I’m not going to weep, or attend moments of silence or any of those other things to remind our enemies of their greatest single victory in the war on terror. I decline to give Islamists a propaganda victory they can use to recruit the next generation of people who want to kill our children and grandchildren.

When we have destroyed them, when we have occupied them with a military force and so subjugated to the point that they are no longer a threat to the civilized world, then it’s time to hold memorials. I’ll give the last word to a man named Sherman

We cannot change the hearts and minds of those people of the South, but we can make war so terrible … [and] make them so sick of war that generations would pass away before they would again appeal to it.”

If we truly want to end the threat of Islamic terror and want our children to be able to live without fear as we once did just a generation ago we should do the same to the Islamists of Isis and Al Qaeda and any nation that supports them.

We have the power, we simply do not have the will.

Twenty Six months ago after a laughable segment on Morning Joe (Sans Joe & Mika) where in one breath they talked about the disaster that was (and is) Egypt and Syria we made fun of them here:

The blind spot was incredible, just before talking Clinton, they talked Egypt, right after they were done with Hillary they mentioned Egypt but the fact that Hillary was the Secretary State. The person who helped cement the Muslim Brotherhood takeover, not a word.

A week later after being critiqued for pointing to her record, I asked the gentleman who critiqued me on twitter to name a Hillary accomplishment and was told it was an irrelevant subject

Yeah there is nothing more “tiresome” or blindly “partisan” than being asked to name an accomplishment of a woman who served four years as Secretary of State, particularly when you can’t think of one.


10 months later (16 months ago) Bill Kristol asked the question to the Morning Joe table. John Heilmann Chuck Todd & Mika Brzezinski had nothing

Picture being a member of the MSNBC partisan audience base sitting there at home watching. You’ve always taken the question of Hillary’s qualifications and accomplishments as a given. Suddenly you’re confronted with Bill Kristol’s direct question. A question so simple you’re tempted to laugh, instead you sit there in tongue-tied disbelief unable to answer yourself and watching the best and brightest of MSNBC fail to provide an answer for you.

Five months ago the day Hillary announced her candidacy I repeated the question on a 50,000 watt radio station during a three hour show heard in some of the bluest states in the nation no answer was forthcoming & the MSM wasn’t inclined to ask for one:

I expect in the media we will hear much of the rollout, of the style, of how she presents herself and what her chances are. I can only guess what the media will say but I suspect that absent a blunder so huge it can’t be ignored, the rollout will be reported positively.

But what I can say with almost absolute certainty is that the question I first asked two years ago and have repeated ever since will remain unanswered:

What accomplishment(s) if any can Hillary Clinton point to as secretary of state that qualify her to be the leader of the free world?

This Monday I declared Hillary Toast and yesterday for the first time a poll showed her trailing in both NH & Iowa stunning even Bernie Sanders and lo and behold the Washington Post ran a story with this title:

In Clinton, voters see a long résumé but a short list of accomplishments

and the story notes the problem I’ve been talking about for years

But something surprising has emerged in public opinion about the former first lady, senator and secretary of state. Asked to name something tangible that Clinton has actually accomplished, many voters come up blank.

And throughout the story the answer never comes.

So 26 months later the MSM has officially noticed the question: “What are Hillary’s actual accomplishments?” and didn’t have an answer to the question either.

I was going to welcome them to finally noticing what we’ve seen Since July 2013 but in a final irony, within 12 hours of the story being posted the Washington Post renamed it:

Hillary Clinton tries to show that her record is more than just talk

Apparently noting the Hillary’s lack of accomplishments in a headline remains a bridge too far for the MSM to maintain…


Update: Ed Morrissey

Tumulty actually does list a couple of claims from Hillary and her supporters of accomplishments. Unfortunately, they both belong to others.

and Ed Driscoll:

So Hillary’s got the election completely sewn up I guess, and it’s only a matter of time before tingles start running up and/or down the legs of MSNBC hosts:


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