What a mess this world is in
I wonder who began it
Don’t ask me
I’m only visiting this planet

— Larry Norman

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The news cut through social media yesterday and today, the liberal Obama staffer husband of conservative new media darling Mary Katherine Ham killed while riding his bicycle. Sympathies to Ms. Ham, and to the couple’s young daughter, now left fatherless, plus the couple’s unborn child who will never know his or her father.

Life on Earth is an endless parade of magic and loss, the joys of life and love running parallel with the sorrow of goodbyes. It focuses, or at least ought to focus, our attention on what matters: faith, family, friends. Far too often, priorities are skewed in favor of the temporary and temporal. We rant about that which, or who, offends us; we rave on behalf of that which, or who, floats our boat. We argue the meaningless, then are immersed in utter astonishment when the unfortunate fellowship pays a visit.

A side note. I am mindful of Ms. Ham’s lengthy and deep connection with Salem Media; she is a former writer for Townhall and current writer for HotAir along with being a frequent guest on Hugh Hewitt’s show. I am equally mindful that Salem practices complete separation between its political and religious divisions. Here’s the deal.

Salem has a bunch of Christian-only websites and radio stations/programs. Okay, fine.

Salem has a bunch of politics-only websites and radio stations/programs. Um, okay.

Now, the assorted political pundits who talk and/or write for Salem will claim the mantle of Christian at the drop of a hat. Well, except for Allahpundit at HotAir with his whiny-ass atheism and Dennis Prager & Michael Medved’s Judaism. But they’re conservatives, so nothing else matters. Right, Salem?

Now, ask any of the Salem politicos to so much as breathe a word about Christ, or especially to support those serving Christ, on their show and/or website. “What? WHAT?!! We can’t do that. It might turn people off who follow us for our politics! We’ll talk about Jesus over here … maybe. Now go sit in your corner and quit bothering us.” I have personal experience with this, having received nothing but silence or cheap shot insults back when I tried to reach Hugh Hewitt and his radio show producer Duane Patterson about perhaps coming on the show to discuss my book. Of course Hewitt can promote his religious tomes all he wishes. Also worth noting is the time a couple of years back when Daniel Amos leader and Christian music giant Terry Scott Taylor was in a very bad place financially. Patterson was informed of this. He was begged to have Hewitt say something about it on air on behalf of the fundraising campaign mounted by Taylor’s friends and fans. Did he? No. Hypocritical? You betcha.

But don’t say so out loud. At least not on social media. Point this out and you’re a malcontent. A troublemaker. You don’t understand. You can’t mix religion and politics! Well, we can … but we don’t.

Of course not.

Well, how important are your politics now, Hugh Hewitt and Duane Patterson? How much comfort will Donald Trump not knowing the names of Islamic terror groups leaders bring to a young widow? What assurance of faith and life eternal will come from hosting a Presidential debate, Salem Media? To the point, how do you justify building a platform, then failing to use same to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

You will see and hear much weeping on Salem websites and radio shows over Ms. Ham’s loss. Which is proper. But once the moment has passed, it will be business as usual.

Which is everyone’s loss.

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Dr Who bigger on the inside
The Doctor’s TARDIS

By John Ruberry

My daughter, Little Marathon Pundit, started college the day after Labor Day. She’s attending an arts school in downtown Chicago. LMP has already joined three clubs at Columbia–an improv group, a Harry Potter club, and a Doctor Who collective.

What could possibly go wrong?

During the introductory roundtable at each club meeting, members were instructed to state their names and their preferred gender pronoun. I would say, “My name is John and my preferred pronoun is ‘He.'” Eric Idle’s Stan character in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, who wants to be a woman named Loretta, would pick “she.”

There’s a term for this nuttiness–preferred gender programs, or PGP.

Children know their own gender and that of others before they can say “boy” or “girl.” Leave it to so-called higher-education to attack reason.

PGP-talk isn’t limited to my LMP’s college. The same protocol takes place at Chicago’s DePaul, which is nominally a Catholic university, a co-worker told me yesterday. A quick internet search confirmed my fears–PGPs are nationwide and they’ve entered the classroom too.

Let’s say you are not sure if you are a man or a woman? What pronoun do you use for yourself? You use “ze.” Of if he pronoun is the object of a preposition, it’s “hir,” which is pronounced the same as “here.”

The virus has escaped the lecture halls. At last year’s left-wing NetRoots conference, the “Hello my name is” badges included space for a PGP. 

Will delegates at next year’s Democratic National Convention be asked what their preferred gender pronoun is?

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

You know it’s pretty funny.

For many years every country in Europe has attacked Israel for it’s “separation wall” to keep out people who are doing things like this:

An Israeli bus was set on fire late Thursday in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras al-Amud after Palestinians hurled a firebomb at the vehicle, witnesses said.
Locals said that the bus went up in flames after youths targeted it while driving through the neighborhood. Israeli forces arrived in the area and cordoned off the scene of the incident.

And this:

At 1:05pm, Palestinians threw stones at police and border police forces at the ancient city’s Damascus gate. The forces responded with riot dispersal means and arrested one suspect. Palestinians also reported a wounded protester in A-Tor.

At 2:11pm, Palestinians threw stones toward security forces at the Qalandia checkpoint. Twenty-five minutes later, masked Palestinians threw stones at a combined police & border police force at the Salman Al-Farsi ally in At-Tur. In both incidents police responded with riot dispersal means. Palestinians reported one wounded protester in A-Tor.

At 2:59pm, a paint bottle was thrown at the light rail train in Jerusalem on the Shuafat junction. No one was hurt.

Starting at 4pm, severe riots broke out in the Shuafat refugee camp, with dozens of youths, some wearing improvised masks and some in gas masks, threw stones and Molotov cocktails toward border police fighters in the area. The forces used riot dispersal means and arrested one Palestinian from Hebron.

But once this started happening in Europe

groups of migrants rioted outside the town of Röszke and were driven back only with the help of water cannons. Gone were the little girls—because, however photogenic little girls may be, the lion’s share of the travelers are young men, and now they were heaving rocks at the authorities and showing up on YouTube videos shouting Allahu Akbar.

they rapidly discovered that good fences make good neighbors

But on September 12 alone, 10,000 migrants walked out of the Munich train station, and the city was overwhelmed. Merkel’s interior minister Thomas de Maizière announced that Germany was closing its border. (And here we should stress that the borders in question were not the EU’s external borders but internal borders with other EU countries, which have been open for two decades.)

The irony of course is that at the same time they will try to control the young muslim men who believe they have a right to be coddled by Europe without adopting European standards of behavior they will excuse things like this:

And be shocked SHOCKED if Israel defends itself from attack.

I’m betting Bibi is looking at his TV and grinning just waiting for the migrants once blocked from Europe demand a “right to return” .


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