At the Federalist Leslie Loftis has a post on the refugee crisis with a telling title:

Why Do Refugees Matter Only After The Christians Are Dead?

She goes into some detail noting that it wasn’t until it was a question of Muslims fleeing the middle east that the media noticed the “crisis”.

In the past 18 months, the crisis has touched on star power, devastating tales of dead children and women and men, destruction of ancient structures (there’s a Wikipedia entry for all of that), religious extremism—everything that normally makes for a news sensation.

But only now, when the Christians have largely left or been enslaved or killed, and the intervention options have dwindled and become more difficult because ISIS has taken territory and terrorized the population, we see furious article sharing, email threads, and Twitter campaigns. Oh my! Dead toddler! We must help! Make blog posts! We need a hashtag! Send money and stuff! Shame everyone to do the right thing!

All of this is completely predictable: If there is one thing in common that the left has it’s a hatred of christianity as I said two years ago:

How long before it becomes a matter of faith that those who would stand up and object or obstruct such obvious truths that are held by the more enlightened must be suppressed?

At least as long as the faith involved isn’t Islam:

Yes you would be racist to bring up this just as you are intolerant if you object to gay marriage…with some exceptions:

A female teacher of Islamic religious studies is causing stir with her declarations. As reported by Der Standard, while giving a lesson on religion the woman allegedly declared among other things that homosexuals should be incinerated.

Note she didn’t say they couldn’t get married before they are incinerated. The reaction of the Islamic community?

The Islamic Religious Community presumes that after having spent a whole year near Mecca, she has lost sense of what one can say in a Western society.”

Note that, not what is true, not what is right, what can be said.

Maybe Kim Davis can answer that one.

One must remember Christianity is everything the left despises:

It teaches the unity of men, when the power of the left comes from dividing by race or color or creed.

It acknowledges God as the source of our freedom and free will, rather than the state or another giving such freedom

It restrains appetites, greed (thou shalt not covet), lust ( thou shalt not commit adultery), spin (though shalt not bear false witness) and does so by simple rules, rather than letting one do what they want, when you want.

It forgives and accepts anyone, on the condition that said person acknowledges and repents of their sins or at the very least commits to fight the temptation to them.

It gives the absolute freedom to walk away from it, while giving you until the very last second of your life to re-consider before actual judgement is passed.

And worst of all, to those who embrace it the strongest it gives courage, the courage to stand against any slander, any pressure and even die for the sake of Christ rather than sin.

That’s why friendly gestures to the Pope (out of fear of offending Hispanic voters) not withstanding the left will never complain about persecuted & dead Christians, because to them it’s a feature not a bug.

Hey Ferguson has discovered the liberal recipe for success:

START:  With a young thug who robs a store, assaults the clerk and charges a police officer getting killed in a progress.

ADD: A fabricated story about “Hands up”. Radical advocates looking to provoke a racial incident.

MIX IN:   A media and White House looking to increase tensions for political reasons

BAKE:   With Riots and violence excused by the left due to oppression

When it’s all done here is what it yields:

Ferguson, Mo. lost its investment-grade rating Thursday when Moody’s Investors Service dropped its rating four notches in a sign of the financial fallout from the fatal 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown.

Four Notches, not one, not two, not three but four from Aa3 to Ba1.

The once plentiful reserves of the city northwest of St. Louis are dwindling and the city could be headed toward insolvency as soon as 2017, Moody’s said.

“Key drivers of this precipitous drop are declining key revenues, unbudgeted expenditures, and escalating expenses related to ongoing litigation and the Department of Justice consent decree currently under negotiation,” Moody’s wrote

You mean to say riots, arson and attacks on police might discourage business and investment and be a detriment to the solvency of a city?  Who knew!



I’m both upset and pleased at the early withdrawal of Scott Walker from the GOP race.

I’m upset because Walker was one of my top three, the most vetted candidate in the GOP field and frankly had one of the best records in office and would have really upset the left.

I’m pleased because like Rick Perry Walker is a strong conservative which means while neither the number of Establishment moderates in the race (Bush, Kasich, Christie, Graham, Pataki) nor the number of moderate conservatives (Fiorina, Trump, Rubio, Huckabee, Gilmore) have decreased the number of strong conservatives (Cruz, Santorum, Jindal, Carson and Paul (who really deserves his own category) ) is slowing dropping making it easier to get behind a single strong conservative for the nomination. Which is exactly what the 603 Alliance is looking for.

I don’t want a single one of those moderates going anywhere until we’re past the Florida primary to keep splitting that vote but I’d like to see that conservative list down to 2 or 3 at the most before the Iowa caucus.

The only way we are going to change the culture of Washington is to get strong conservative as our nominee and then as our president, So the less that vote is split the better I like it.

Finally if you are a Walker fan, don’t worry, forget Scott Walker will be 55 in 2024, there is plenty of time for him to run again if he so chooses as opposed to the Democrat field who with the exception of Martin O’Malley (currently < 1%) will all be in their 70's or 80's or dead.